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Commentary: America needs smart immigration reforms to win the race for global talent

No commentary on the YOLO nature of the #market , retail frenzy and SPACs, in Warren Buffett's annual letter, is what surprised Rajeev Thakkar of @PPFAS . Listen in @TamannaInamdar  @RajeevThakkar  #BerkshireHathaway 

Commentary: Vaccine fears are crippling China’s COVID-19 fight

@besttrousers  Yes, but at the time it struck me as unusual enough to be worth having a name rather than just the default mode of all commentary on everything.

COMMENTARY: "On Monday, the Canadian Parliament became the first legislative body in the world to recognize China’s actions against Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang province as a genocide."

Commentary: I’m a Black, first-generation Ivy League graduate. Biden is wrong about who needs debt cancellation

COMMENTARY: "Whether we like it or not, the robot era is already upon us. The question is: is the Canadian economy poised to flourish or flounder in a world where robots take over the tasks we don’t want to do ourselves?" Joshua A. Marshall asks.

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Hey @jaketapper ⁩ you spent a lot of time covering Russia over the past 4 years. Now Hunter Biden got $3.5 mil from the wife of the mayor of Moscow (a known Putin associate) so I look forward to your commentary.

On Saturday I delivered a commentary about the monumental nature of Joe Biden replacing an insurrectionist dangerous President. Everything I stated was fact. All Lauren @Wolfe321  said was that she had chills from the same transition of power. She lost her job at @nytimes . Why?

Tucker Carlson may have the most courageous and most insightful commentary on television. It is extraordinary to watch him explain the truth at great risk.

Who's doing that commentary on itv for the Ireland game, wake up lad you're at the World Cup

We don’t have to freak out over Barr’s criticism of @realDonaldTrump . Barr wants to be left alone to do his job. Trump is leaving him alone to do just that. Trump uses this platform to talk to US about what’s going on. This isn’t interference; it’s commentary. Carry on, Barr!

BTS' most political lyrics: A guide to their social commentary on South Korean society

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I'm just going to leave this right here with no commentary.

Listening to commentary in Japanese is a different experience, but don't have to listen to figure out that the ref is havin a terrible game

The Icelandic commentary on #ISL 's winning goal is incredible