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Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez on Twitter maintains that vote-buying is an “election offense” regardless of the situation.

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Five members the 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron were 45 minutes into their Japan Jetstar flight from Okinawa to Tokyo on Sept. 10 when a cabin attendant called over the public address system for help with a medical emergency.

Many people traditionally have chosen (or been forced) to live in regional Australia because housing was cheaper, but that differential is being quickly eroded. Median rent jumped 12.5% in Sept year - an extra $50 a week after tax, $2600 a year.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez says vote buying is an election offense "regardless of financial situation or noble intentions." That's after VP Leni Robredo's remark on accepting bribe money but voting according to conscience. | via @newsdwight  CONTEXT:

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Corporate direct financing gains 1.4 pct in Sept.

JUST IN: 2 New Rochelle men arrested in connection with Sept. 25 fatal shooting of 20-year-old.

JUST IN: 2 New Rochelle men arrested in connection with Sept. 25 fatal shooting of 20-year-old.

Have you read about our amazing volunteer @MolleeMade  yet? Well click & read already! Then give her a follow and thank her for canvassing low propensity environmental voters in #Virginia *every day* from Sept. 27 - Nov. 2! #ClimateAction  #ActOnClimate 

Solid US data Oct consumer confidence +4pts to 113.8, with jobs plentiful less hard to get strongest since 2000 Sept new home sales +14%mom Aug CoreLogic home prices +1.2%mom/+19.7%yoy (Deutsche Bank & EvercoreISI charts)

Microsoft reports July-Sept revenue of $45bn, up 20% on last year, with operating profit up 24% to $20bn. Strongest growth in cloud and LinkedIn, with business software also doing well. It’s sitting on a cash pile of $77bn.


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On Sept 6, you’ll meet the four civilians going into space. On Sept 13, you’ll see them prepare. On Sept 15, you’ll watch the live launch On Sept 30, you’ll be in space alongside them Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space takes off next week

Where are Americans seeing inflation? A lot of places: Rental cars +43% over last Sept Gas 42% Used cars 24% Bacon 19% Hotels 18% Beef 18% Pork 13% Eggs 13% TVs 13% Kids' shoes 12% Furniture 11% New cars 9% Chicken 8% Apples 8% Restaurant prices: 5% Electricity 5% Rent 2.9%

"It's been 13 years and it's enough." Britney vs Spears premieres Sept 28

It was enriching & inspiring to explore the life of an American champion inside & outside the ring. #Muhammad AliPBS I hope you enjoy our new film, “Muhammad Ali” Watch Sept 19-22 8/7c on @PBS . Special thanks @BankofAmerica  for their support of this film:

might see a familiar face in the #SAVAGEXFENTYSHOW  vol. 3 sept 24th on @PrimeVideo  @SavageXFenty 

76% of California recall ballots haven't been returned. CA voters: It’s essential that you vote against the recall — and mail in your ballots by Sept 14. Needless to say, if Republicans take power, it would have devastating consequences for California and beyond. (See: Texas)

Just left the secure room having read the classified document regarding VP Pence’s Sept 18 call w Zelensky. 1. Nothing in it is classified. It should be made part of the public record immediately. 2. Hiding evidence of wrongdoing through bogus classification is unacceptable.

White House officials believe POTUS was infected at the event for Judge Barrett on Saturday Sept 26. They will not say when POTUS last tested negative, raising questions as to whether he was tested at all between infection and the debate Tuesday Sept 29. This is important...

It’s stunning that the WH and the president’s doctors won’t say when the president last tested negative — especially since the WH now suspects the President was infected Saturday Sept 26, three days before the debate.

New York City EMS received 6,406 medical 911 calls yesterday. It was the highest volume ever recorded in the city, surpassing the record that had been set on Sept. 11, 2001.