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Challenge The Prof: Readers’ opinions on mandated vaccines [Column]

This is my column on @gloverteixeira  who used the UFC PI's knowledge to help extend his run at the top and put him in line for the lhw title

Can’t believe something in the trending column on Twitter is actually good for once

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Such interesting stories of Houston women talking about the "passing" issue. The movie "Passing" is out this week. My column out on Sunday.

Just watched The Simpsons Halloween edition of Poe's The Raven. I always enjoy this, not only because it is well done but many years ago it led to my column The Longhorn, the only piece I've written to receive an award. 2007 AAEA Humorous Article Of course I owed it Mr. Poe.

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Today’s @matt_levine  column on Musk’s so great, very good day is 👌🏼

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Finishing up this week's @BBNAtax  column and it's exactly 1,040 words so I don't want to change anything. (Spoiler alert: I know that I will. But I don't want t #tax  #money  #law 

Column: Astros are proof that cheaters really do prosper

Column: Astros are proof that cheaters really do prosper

This is my betting column on #UFC267  and of course my best bet is @KChimaev 


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Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years: (Full column: )

Fox News is a hazard to our democracy, and getting more extreme. It’s time to take the fight to the Murdochs. Here’s how. ... My column

These states in question should immediately be put in the Trump Wincolumn. Biden did not win, he lost by a lot!

Glenn Reynolds wrote a column for USA today on the Hunter Biden matter. The paper wouldn't print it. So he posted it at Instapundit.

Thank you all for making my @USATOpinion  column about 's @NYGovCuomoeadly  nursing home policy one of the top read of the week. #3 ) I won't stop.

Sure, @chetan_bhagat ! It’s clear you are not sesquipedalian nor given to rodomontade. Your ideas are unembellished with tortuous convolutions & expressed without ostentation. I appreciate the limpid perspicacity of today’s column.

Either @timkaine  and I had a very vivid shared hallucination four years ago or Maureen had too much pot brownie before writing her column again.

While a single mom in the US gets $1,200 in Covid relief, the GOP plan provides that a millionaire real estate developer gets an average of $1.6 million -- and Trump and Kushner will probably be beneficiaries. My column on more socialism for the rich.

Thank you to @mirandadevine  of the New York Post for your interesting (and correct) column today. “Trump has gained 20 points since Impeachment began in October. He gets 67% on economy. Nonwhite approval of Trump is also at a high: 28%, up 10 points in a year. Nice one, Nancy.”

LOOK: Taal Volcano spewing a giant ash column after the phreatic explosion recorded at 1:00 p.m. Video courtesy: Danny Ocampo