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Civitas Resources is planning 174 new wells on land owned by Colorado State Land Board just east of Aurora city line.

The weather service has also issued fire weather watches for Colorado's eastern plains

RT @9NEWSWeather : Colorado is getting a taste of summer this week, but is it time to run the sprinklers?

RT @LisaDenver7 : It will be an extremely warm April day across Colorado, with record breaking highs likely this afternoon. We'll see highs…

Ready for record-breaking heat? ☀️ It’s going to be another beautiful today across Colorado and we could see temps reach as high as 84! Fire danger will be elevated along the Front Range both today and tomorrow. @LisaDenver7  has the full forecast. #COwx 

A red flag warning will be in place from southeastern Colorado to southeastern South Dakota on Tuesday:

RT @AshtonCBS4 : First Alert Forecast: So warm today and tomorrow we'll crush records in Denver and across a large portion of Colorado. The…

A former Colorado Springs public defender will be suspended from practicing law for 90 days after he sent a sexually explicit video of a woman with whom he’d had an affair to her husband when the affair ended, according to state disciplinary records.

colorado'>Western Colorado safest region in country against rising tide of natural disasters


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Elijah McClain’s death at the hands of Aurora, Colorado police last August is among the most horrific cases I’ve ever seen described. He was 23, introverted, and doing absolutely nothing wrong. They killed him, and the prosecutor let them get away with it.

Here is a thread of verified fundraisers to support those affected by the mass shooting at Club Q—an LGBTQ bar—in Colorado Springs. Our Trust & Safety Team is monitoring our platform closely, we will update this list as more fundraisers are created to help victims & families:

Unarmed queers in a gay bar in Colorado Springs were able to do what hundreds of armed men couldn't do in Uvalde.

In Colorado, it takes me 30 seconds to vote at my local dropbox. RT if you think it should be that easy for every American.

During this holiday, I didn't get to visit my folks in Montana like I usually do, or go golfing in Florida, or skiing in Colorado or relax at a resort home in Mexico. But I helped pay for Trump, Pence, and Mnuchin to do so. And it really pisses me off. They couldn't wait 3 weeks?

Today it's a tragedy in Boulder, Colorado. This past weekend it was a house party in Philadelphia. And last week it was an armed attack on Asian American women in the Atlanta area. It doesn't have to be this way. It’s beyond time for our leaders to take action.

Florida passed a $15 minimum wage Montana, South Dakota, Arizona & New Jersey legalized marijuana Colorado passed 12 weeks of paid family leave Arizona increased taxes on the rich to fund education All over America, voters approved a progressive agenda. Now, Congress must act

Colorado governor directs officials to reexamine death of Elijah McClain after over 2 million sign petition

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A 4-year-old in Colorado died from flu this week. Days before, his mom reached out to Facebook's biggest anti-vaxx group. Members told her not to take the Tamiflu a doctor had prescribed, but give him oils and elderberries and put potatoes in his socks.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Hoax has lifted Republican Congressional Polls (she lost the House once before!), and my Polls, WAY UP, which was expected, but it has had a great effect on Republican Senate races, including North Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado and Arizona. Thanks!