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6 years on, Colombo Port City set to boost Sri Lanka's economic growth: - Colombo Port City is the largest foreign direct investment project in Sri Lanka's history - It will be "the main income generator for the future of Sri Lanka," said Sri Lanka's PM

Six years after breaking ground, the Colombo Port City, the largest foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka, is reshaping the local economy, generating new opportunities for regional development, and emerging as generator for the future economic development

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa calls for the construction of the Colombo Port City, a project jointly developed by Sri Lanka and China, saying the landmark will be the main income generator for the future

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said he hoped the Colombo Port City project would be completed soon, so that it would be a major economic boost for the island country.

Construction continues in Sri Lankan port city Colombo amid #COVID19  Port City Colombo, a world-class city designed to hold more than 200,000 people, is the largest foreign investment project in #SriLanka .

Port City Colombo is a flagship project between Sri Lanka and China. Construction of the project starts to fully resume as the infection curve has flattened

VIDEO: At Colombo's Port City -- an artificial island the size of central London that is to house one of South Asia's biggest financial centres -- work is progressing at a snail's pace

#Srilanka : Indian Navy Ship (INS) ‘Jamuna’ reached port of Colombo today; It will conduct hydrographic survey from Colombo to Southern city of Galle during two month stay in the neighboring country @indiannavy 


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A city born from the ocean: Watch how land was reclaimed from the sea for Colombo Port City in Sri Lanka

A city born from ocean! colombo port city'>China-built Colombo Port City completes land reclamation. Occupying an area of 2.69 square kilometers, the #MegaProject  started construction in Sept. 2014 and is expected to take 25 years

China and Sri Lanka are jointly building Colombo Port City into a "shining pearl on Indian Ocean." #BeltandRoad 

As the largest project between China and Sri Lanka under the Belt and Road Initiative, Colombo Port City is becoming a "shining pearl of Indian Ocean"