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WOW. Audience gasps. "Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account." - Col. Waldron on Dominion machine vulnerability & web of AVM software/hardware companies #arizonahearing 

Col. Waldron/Giuliani: Algorithm inserted in MI local vote after election day to "shift the vote. " Giuliani: "It's like having an open computer. " MI evidence being submitted to dispute lies of Dominion that their machines are tamper-proof. "Just the opposite. " #ArizonaHearing 

Army Col. Phil Waldron testifying that hundreds of IT teams looking at voting machine anomalies. Dominion machines hacked in just a few minutes. Malware discovered by one of Waldron's white-hat hackers. Waldron team able to see down-ballot changes on MI machines. #ArizonaHearing 


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