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If you engage in the slightest bit of “wrongthink” some folks will leap to call you a Xist. They do this because they are terrified that one of their friends will be first and claim the virtue before them and they’ll lose face in their sick little cohort.

Our paper is now published in Nature: "OpenSAFELY: factors associated with COVID-19 death in 17 million patients". This is by far the largest cohort study ever conducted on Covid-19. It shows the awesome power of UK NHS data, and the power of open methods

The medium is the message. Same letter, even with ~same cohort of signatories in different forum I’d take more at face value (still think the letter is both grandiose and vague) but in Harper’s? With all of its own illiberal history? Keep it.

"There is a significant cohort of people who are very worried about coming anywhere near the NHS, because coming near the NHS means 'I'm going to get Covid, and therefore I'm going to get very, very ill," NHS GP Dr Gary Marlowe says

First cohort for Singapore's Korean start-up centre to focus on fintech, cybersecurity

I wasn’t asked to sign. I’ve been public, if *extremely circumspect* about my feelings about that place. But alumni in my cohort are in top spots throughout publishing. I don’t see any of those names.

There appears to be far less interest in 3rd-party candidates compared with the same point in 2016, pollsters say. Polls also show Biden has strong advantage w/ voters who have unfav views of both candidates — a cohort that ultimately broke to Trump in 16

The good news is that year 12 continues. My niece is in year 12 and I think about my last year of school compared with hers and I feel so sad for her and all of her cohort#COVID19Vic 

The reopening plan released at the end of June proposes dividing students into three cohorts -- cohorts A and B would attend school in person twice per week and do distance learning three days per week; cohort C would be entirely distance learning.


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The conspiracy theory that gender transitioning is a new form of gay conversion therapy relies on believing there is a cohort of parents who are a) horrified by their children being gay and b) would prefer them to be trans instead. If you believe that, you are high.

A cohort of patients with severe Covid-19 received treatment with remdesivir under a compassionate-use protocol. Improvement in oxygen-support status was observed in 68% of patients, and overall mortality was 13% over a median follow-up of 26 days. #COVID19 

Coronavirus: No ITE, poly graduation ceremonies for 2020 graduating cohort

Heartfelt plea to @BorisJohnson  from a final year student midwife drafted in to help the coronavirus fight. Hers is 1st cohort facing student debt of £60k plus 6% interest. And her year misses out on new £5k grant + support. Can the PM and @MattHancockMP  help those helping them?

Thanks to the firefighters who are fighting our CA wildfires. Since 30% of firefighters are currently incarcerated, I want to highlight #UnlockedFutures  cohort member's org @ForestryFire , which helps individuals become paid firefighters post-release.

NYT reporter and his cohort’s sleazy attack on journalist John Solomon is par for the course. This is the same Vogel who reportedly sent the DNC an article in advance, among other transgressions over his career.

“There’s a big cohort of millennials that look around and say, ‘We just wanted a shot at the American dream….We are finally getting hired. We are finally getting wages. We are finally not having to live with our parents.’ That's because of President Trump.”—

A Lawyer contact tells me that the legal world is aware that the Attorney General said NO last night to the validity of Mrs May's 'new EU deal'...he been told to go away and find a way to say YES: A cohort of lawyers has been summoned.

Jacob Rees Mogg and his ludicrous cohort of cabbage, the ERG, want to send our negotiators into the final rounds with a promise to the EU that *we* can be trusted to protect the integrity of *their* union with technology that doesn't currently exist. What a time to be alive!