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Family farmers grow 98% of #coffee  from India, which is 1 of the top 10 coffee producers on 🌏. Coffee blooms 🌸 are not maturing properly into ☕️ beans due to extreme weather. @UNDP_India  explains how #ClimateChange  affects ☕️ : #ForPeopleForPlanet 

Fishermen, coffee growers, and more lose their sources of income as Taal Volcano erupts.

LIVE: It's 'Coffee Talk' on a Sunday morning, and we're watching a cold front! Let's look at that, the SpaceX launch weather, and talk chill! Join us! Discuss!

Less than an hour to showtime! Our coffee is hot, our bagels have schmear, and we're wide awake. We hope you join us!

The roots of the Coaltown Roastery have been built in to its brand, which plays on the "black gold" epithet given to both coal and coffee.

This morning I have broken the coffee pot, spilt my tea on the bed and got cleaning fluid in my eye. It is only 10.25. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings.

A start up company in the U.S. claims it's created sustainable coffee without the beans. 'Atomo' says it has hacked the coffee bean and replaced it with a molecular concoction made from naturally sustainable, but secret, ingredients. #Coffee  #7NEWS 

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Iraqi Kurds are getting a taste for bitter coffee thanks to the influence of Syrian refugees.


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I can drink coffee and go right to sleep.

An empty coffee cup is sometimes just as beautiful as a full one

I even see it when I come online . Because i go on stage , get seen on tv, get papped going for a coffee or whatever . People feel like they know you know and they just don’t. Just be nice to everyone and the world will be a much better place and social media is a good start

Like a zombie right now! It must be coffee time !

Love gettin to a city and just walking around , go have a coffee , lunch ... Good times! Frickin cold out today and i didn't bring a coat

#STATION ’ will start its new season, STATION Season 3, from Nov.29! Jonah Nilsson of Swedish band ‘Dirty Loops’ and LUCAS of NCT will drop the song ‘Coffee Break’ as the first artists up for STATION 3, so stay tuned! #LUCAS  X #JonahNilsson  #CoffeeBreak ': 2018.11.29. 6PM(KST)

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Feeling a little tired this morning ! Coffee .... Get ere !!!

Goodmorning! How we all doin! I do fancy a coffee

*wakes up* *drinks coffee* *goes back to sleep*

everyone in my band falls asleep everywhere we go and then I get really bored *sighs and then sips coffee*