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This comic explains the fixes that would really simplify taking action for the planet. #climatecrisis 

Trump & the GOP do not believe in science. Let that sink in. #DefeatTrump  #ClimateCrisis 

We all knew this was coming… yet our government has chosen to do NOTHING to stop it. #GreenNewDeal  #ClimateCrisis 

A documentary about the @GreenWallAfrica  is described as a journey to the front line of the #climatecrisis .

It is time to move away from the lies of the fossil fuel companies. #ClimateCrisis  @GretaThunberg ⁩

Russia’s richest man owns more melting Arctic than anyone #ClimateCrisis  #Russia 


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"This is going to be the worst flood in a decade" #climatecrisis 

Joe Biden lays out his $2 trillion clean energy plan, calling for an end to power plant emissions by 2035. “There's no more consequential challenge that we must meet in the next decade than the on-rushing climate crisis”

The planet is sounding all sorts of alarms, and the effects of the #climatecrisis  are only the loudest

This much melting this early in the summer can only mean one thing: #ClimateCrisis