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This week, people are convening virtually at #ClimateWeekLAC  to take the pulse of #ClimateAction , explore possibilities for action and showcase ambitious solutions. See how we work with countries to advance climate-resilient development. More via the @UN .

📑“The science is clear: if we are to avoid dangerous climate change and turn around the loss of nature, we must both halt deforestation and restore natural forests." William Baldwin-Cantello, director of nature-based solutions at WWF warns

Glad to share the outcomes of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue with colleagues at the @UN  yesterday 🌏 I explained that while progress was made at #PCD12 , we need to keep momentum going and step up our efforts to agree on solutions for #ClimateAction  ahead of #COP26 

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Global problems like climate change and COVID-19 transcend borders. Our solutions should too.

Big polluters can hide behind forest offsets. It’s getting trendier than ever to invest in forest-based climate solutions but schemes devised to sell forests’ carbon storage to polluters are not always effective. #ClimateEmergency 

@ironmikesommers : With our new "Climate Action Framework, we are prepared to deliver workable solutions. This new policy framework outlines the industry and government actions required to tackle climate change, while meeting the world’s long-term energy needs"

#NorwayUNSC  : The issue of climate change & water scarcity in #Iraq  needs more attention & joint solutions to ensure a stable future #DYK  Recent years have seen an increase in temperatures above 5⃣5⃣°C as well as intense&frequent drought spells? 📸: @UNDPClimate  #ClimateSecurity 

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Bestselling author @NaomiAKlein  is calling out billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for their 'false solutions' to the climate crisis.

In the new Carbon Markets Update: White House summit sees higher climate ambition as new guidance emerges on Paris-era voluntary offset trade. Plus, the climate solutions'>Growing Climate Solutions Act gets bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate.

From sea level rise to droughts, California is grappling with the effects of climate change. But we're also taking the lead in developing solutions. Boiling Point explores challenges, solutions and more. Sign up here:


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Thank you to and all the artists that came together to make this happen. Net profits from the song, video, and merchandise will go to many partners on the frontlines of implementing solutions to climate change. #WeLoveTheEarth 

The world did not do enough to prepare for a pandemic. We can avoid making the same mistake with climate change by: 1. Letting science and innovation lead the way 2. Making sure solutions work for poor countries too 3. Getting started now

Climate change is a race we can win. We already have the solutions, but we need governments, businesses & individuals to implement them. Demand #ClimateAction .

The question isn't whether climate change is happening. It's whether you have any solutions that aren't crazy. And you screaming that it's happening over and over isn't a solution. It's just posturing nonsense meant to agitate idiots in your base.

Come here with us to work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment.

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The young people of this 21st century represent our planet now. They have the ability to bring about change. Even as climate change increases in intensity, they can work together in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood to find and share solutions. They are our real hope.

Learn their names. Hear their stories. "These nine young people all share something in common. None of them are counting on the adults in the room to provide bright solutions to the climate crisis."

Hey Mr. President, take your absurd ideas on climate change solutions and put them back where they came from.

As thousands of people take to the streets today to demand bold climate change solutions, people in Texas are facing serious flooding. Our thoughts are with the people in southeast Texas. We will do everything we can to help those communities recover.

Climate change is undeniable Climate action is unstoppable Climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable. -