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On this #EarthDay , energy veteran and SPAC Dealmaker David Crane , CEO of Climate Real Impact Solutions speaks about the importance of investing in purpose driven companies.

The NFT goldrush has real climate impact -- and potentially real solutions. (Maybe.) @justcalma  unpacks it all

WORLD LEADERS ON THE CLIMATE CRISIS: Amid the ongoing 75th United Nations General Assembly, UN Secretary-General António Guterres convenes a roundtable on climate action to 'showcase high-impact solutions by governments and real economy leaders.'

@yello_zine  Instead, they suggest artists, designers, and other visual communicators use climate change imagery that shows real people, tells new and emotional stories, conveys local impact, and offers solutions

It’s not enough to pay lip service to the ravages of climate change. We need real solutions that can have a real impact. #SOTU 

Climate change says "is real & in the long term it will be a problem but its impact is less than we might believe. And yet we are too eager to believe the problem is far worse than science shows, and that our solutions are far easier than..."

Climate change is real. Science helped us grasp humanity's impact on the Earth, & science holds the solutions

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Climate change can have a real impact on national security. Our experts are coming up with solutions. ^AE