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Another amazing #NYFW  in the books! And such a fun night walking for s.ra.official @NolchaShows ! Thank you for the opportunity & I look forward to our next ventures! ecrunewyork @AOFMakeup  cleareyes instasleep 📷:…

May’s speech shows why UK shouldn’t quit EU at all- read clear-eyes & punchy as ever @HugoDixon  here

@VanJones68  was a Presidential presence throughout this horrid election season. And he's been on TV enough, so hey.. #2020  #ClearEyes 

When you wipe your glasses on your Panther Football t-shirt, that's peak #FNL  fandom right there. #cleareyes 

@ErikWemple 's analysis is the most clear-eyes thing you'll read on l'affaire Talese.