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Why clean car advocates expect to prevail in court battle over California emission standards

"Clean car standards are critical to meeting Nevada’s climate goals, and the right of states to protect their residents from pollution has overwhelming support," - @JasmineVazin , conservation organizer with @SierraClubTo  #CleanCarsNevaday #CleanerCarsa.

In an opinion piece, state Reps. Stephen Handy and Suzanne Harrison say Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes does not support the state authority and the clean car standards, and is "instead spending taxpayer dollars as part of a lawsuit to undermine them."

BREAKING: @OversightDems  are investigating @MarathonPetroCo's potential collusion with Trump in his rollback of clean car standards. This comes after Marathon got a $411 million #COVID19  bailout as small businesses suffer. Trump's corruption is everywhere—we're exposing it:

In almost every legal challenge to date, Trump administration environmental rollbacks have been overturned or withdrawn. With your support, we will do everything possible to protect America’s Clean Car Standards.

Our track record protecting climate and air pollution limits in court is strong: Trump administration environmental rollbacks have been overturned or withdrawn almost every time. The attack against America’s Clean Car Standards is our next big battle.

We’ll go to the mat to defend our nation's Clean Car Standards against any illegal dismantling by the Trump Administration, including this latest unfounded lawsuit by its transparent allies. #SaveCleanCars 

The Trump administration’s sloppy rollback of America’s Clean Car Standards strengthens our legal case. With your support, we’ve won dozens of victories in court against attacks on our public health. Together, we can win this case too.

We’re suing to protect America’s Clean Car Standards - our single biggest effort to cut climate pollution.

"The dozen environmental groups involved say that the Trump administration's rollback of the clean car and fuel economy standards is illegal and "based on massive technical and economic errors – and fails to meet core legal requirements." #CleanerCars 


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Gutting clean car standards will increase pollution, cost jobs, and harm public health – and is never a good idea. But in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic and economic downturn? Appalling.

A new analysis by Trump’s OWN Administration shows exactly what we predicted: Their rollback of clean car standards will cost consumers MORE. As if making it harder for our kids to breathe wasn’t reason enough... Time to join CA’s lead @realDonaldTrump .

WHAT?!?! Prius and Bolt makers just sided with Trump's decision to gut a dozen states' clean car standards

#Breaking : Just filed our 60th lawsuit against the Trump Administration over its attempt to trample our authority on clean car standards. Our coalition today is 24 AGs strong with LA and NYC joining us #SaveCleanCars  #ClimateAction 

Pres. Trump and the oil companies want to roll back our nation’s clean car standards—resulting in BILLIONS of tons of greenhouse gas emissions being pumped into our air & risking the health of MILLIONS of families & communities. We will not stand idly by.

This administration continues its political charade by targeting our state and cutting off negotiations on clean car standards. California will not stand idly by as the President and his allies attempt to put the health of millions at risk.

Throughout his career, Andrew Wheeler has shown a clear disregard for the EPA’s mission to protect the public and environment. As the author of the Ten-in-Ten Fuel Economy Act, I’m troubled by his attacks on clean car standards. We don’t need another anti-environment crusader.

The Trump administration wants to roll back clean car emission standards that have contributed to healthier people, cleaner air and lower gas costs.

Trump seeks to ban California from setting its own clean car standards

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Ex-EPA head Scott Pruitt said global warming isn’t "necessarily" a bad thing. His policies included: ?‍♂️ leaving the Paris climate deal ?‍♂️ repealing the Clean Power Plan ?‍♂️ revoking water anti-pollution laws ?‍♂️ weakening car carbon emission standards