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Corporation Middle School at Masakalipalayam in #Coimbatore  showcases cheerful artwork on its walls. It is not just paintings on the walls. All classrooms also have computers and wifi.

Youth initiative looks to open walls of classrooms to the world by arming students with passports

‘I went undercover as a teacher and saw classes of 60 children with only one teacher, freezing cold classrooms and crumbling walls’

DRONE VIDEO: A school district in Salem, Ind. built a tornado safe room for its students. It’s actually a wing — with 4 classrooms and multi-purpose room that have reinforced walls, tornado resistant doors, and can withstand winds of 250 mph. Would you want this at your school?

Inoperable boilers. Corroded plumbing fixtures. Missing ceiling tiles in classrooms. Exterior walls with cracks. Roof leaks. Incomplete fire alarm systems. Electrical panels in classrooms known to be fire hazards.

#India signed 11 MoUs worth $9.5m with #Afghan  government this week. The MoUs were for infrastructure and these projects include construction of classrooms, orphanages, health clinics, canal protection walls and enhancing economic opportunities for women for seven provinces.

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The majestic table of elements that hangs on the walls of chemistry classrooms across the world has turned 150 years old in 2019

Unconventional schooling models including classrooms with no teachers or walls are defying the conventions of education, the World Government Summit was told on Sunday

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Lindfield Learning Village is trying to break down barriers - literally removing walls from classrooms and scrapping the idea of year levels organised by age. The idea here is everyone learns together. #abc730 


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At the Tanjai Cheena school in northwest Pakistan students squeeze into makeshift classrooms where plastic tarps serve as walls and electricity is sparse, as a surging population overstretches the country's fragile education system ? Daud Muhammed

Exposed - how pupils are being taught in mouldy classrooms with crumbling walls

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Walls marred by bullet holes. Classrooms half destroyed. This is the reality tens of thousands of children face in #Syria :

Growing number of schools now offer students daily dose of the outdoors by providing classrooms without walls

Kids will perform better in classrooms with bare walls? Alfie Kohn is skeptical: