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Civil service exams held nationwide despite ongoing pandemic

Erica Marrero, Kyle Dittrich and Jason Rosenblatt filed their appeals with the city’s Civil Service Commission on Wednesday.

Two of Rishi Sunak's plans to boost the economy were not signed off as being value for money by the civil service

Civil servants to be compensated for Phoenix debacle says public service union #Phoenixpay  #cdnpoli  #nationalnews 

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“With a neutered civil service, marginalised media, puppet cabinet and quiescent parliament, there are no checks and balances on prime ministerial executive power, no brakes on the wagon of wacky wonders...”

Nessel tells Civil Service to reconsider plan to add hurdle to state worker union dues

Spain's Nadia Calviño is the bubble's favourite, having spent 12 years in top civil service jobs at the European Commission.


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Unnecessary degree requirements exclude otherwise qualified Americans from federal employment and disproportionately harm low-income Americans. President Trump's executive order will help more talented, capable Americans pursue careers in civil service!

This attack on our impartial civil service is completely unacceptable. The more so because the hand behind it belongs to an unelected official who treats rules - & the rest of us - with contempt

The news in brief: - The civil service told Robert Jenrick to reject Richard Desmond's development. - Jenrick ignored them, and so suffered an embarrassing legal defeat. - The government wants to keep Jenrick in post, and to reform the civil service.

Just a reminder. Dominic Cummings is unelected, he is not a member of the Conservative Party, he passed no civil service test. He owes his position of power entirely to the patronage of @BorisJohnson 

Epidemics are one reason you want a meritocratic, apolitical civil service staffing your government, instead of a bunch of toadies, quislings and yes men. This applies to other serious crises as well, and the country has been deeply fortunate not to encounter more of them.

Greetings to EAM @DrSJaishankar  Ji on his birthday. Dr. Jaishankar has distinguished himself as an outstanding civil servant and strategic mind. He is energetically working towards further strengthening India’s foreign policy. Wishing him a long & healthy life in India’s service.

"Moving her from an appointed post to a civil service job would make it far more difficult for Democratic Gov.-elect Gretchen Whitmer to fire her when she takes office next month." Again, she's *currently facing* criminal charges for the Flint disaster.

During 2019 the civil service mobilised for no-deal Brexit on March 29/April 12/October/31. Thousands moved out of their usual jobs into planning:to be stood down again each time. Government has spent £100m on comms campaign for October 31 Brexit. Total on Brexit: £6.3bn.(FT)

In a counter strike, Ben Carson should stop by the Red Hen. If they refuse him service, boom! Civil rights violation! Shut the place down

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As special counsel, Mueller will be given civil service protections; won't be able to be removed by the president, reports.