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Hong Kongcivil servants warned loyalty pledge may be tied to promotions

In the Kremlin's quest to undermine civil society, a Russian bill would drastically expand the scope of individuals and groups that can be tarred as “foreign agents,” impose new restrictions, & oblige media to note the designation whenever mentioning them.

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#Mozambique ' #gas  , originally intended to help industrialise the north, will now be sent south. “Yet again, the north [o #Mozambique  is being ignored. No one should be surprised that there is a civil war i #CaboDelgado  ” say #LSE  's Joseph Hanlon

Between politics, ongoing civil unrest, and the COVID pandemic, some days it’s hard to avoid "doom scrolling." That’s when you just can’t stop looking at social media even if it’s upsetting to you.

The Office of Civil Defense on Thursday issued an apology for what it said was a mix-up in figures on agricultural damage wrought by Typhoon Ulysses. | @FMangosingINQ 

The recordings provide a rare glimpse into the relationship between civil servants, political officials.

Matt Hancock's civil servants seem as confused as all of us

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If that sounded like a politician's answer, not a civil servant's, worth remembering she is a Conservative peer.

"In consequence of ceaseless slide in revenue fortunes of the state, amidst ever-widening pressure on resources, Niger state became compelled to have a salary reduction for the month of November for entire categories of civil servants and political…


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Today Trump declared war on the people of the United States, threatening states that if the did not request federal troops in their states, the troops would be deployed forcibly. That’s illegal, and it would invoke a civil war.

COVID now 4th largest mass casualty event in US history. Topped only by the Civil War, WWII, 1918 flu pandemic.

What incompetence. What failure of governance. Boris Johnson can't blame Theresa May, he can't blame John Major, he can't blame judges, he can't blame civil servants, he can't sack the Cabinet Secretary again. There's only one person responsible - him. Me in the Commons today:

Chadwick was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago, per reports. During that time, he gave us Civil War, Marshall, Black Panther, Infinity War, Endgame, 21 Bridges and Da 5 Bloods. Lord only knows what he was going through on a daily basis.

Saddened to hear the news of civil rights hero John Lewis passing. Melania and I send our prayers to he and his family.

BREAKING: Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax County set to get a new name: John R. Lewis High School, named after the late Congressman and civil rights icon. More later on #FOX5DC .

Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

Today’s SCOTUS ruling is a historic win for families who want SCHOOL CHOICE NOW! #SchoolChoice  is a civil rights issue, and no parent should have to send their child to a failing school. I will continue to fight for School Choice and will always defend Religious Freedom!

Instead of spending $80 billion a year on jails and incarceration, we need to be investing in more jobs and education. One thing is abundantly clear: Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding. Period.

“About 500,000 human beings were killed in Syria while Barack Obama was president & leading for a “political settlement” to that civil war. Media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point during 7 years of slaughter.” BuckSexton