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Erika Vega lost a temp job when her building in NYC closed because of the virus; her husband's hernia surgery was postponed because hospitals are overwhelmed, so he is still working sanitizing bikes for Citi Bike. Thanks @rocunited .

"Citi Bike has instituted a program that starts Monday to disinfect 'common contact points' of the bikes, including handlebars, brakes, bells and seats, according Citi Bike spokeswoman Dana Davis. She did not say how often each bike would be disinfected."

Citi Bike is rolling out a new line of e-bikes, 10 months after its entire fleet of electric two-wheelers was pulled from service after a braking issue catapulted several riders over the handlebars and sent them to the hospital.

Roses are red🌹 Citi Bikes are blue 🚲 Here’s $24 million, Mike 👨‍💼 Just to prove we love you. ♥️

Ever wonder who decides how many Citi Bikes to put at docks around New York City? Meet someone who does:

Hundreds of e-bikes pulled from New York’s Citi Bike system over a braking issue have been stripped of their electronic parts and integrated into Chicago's Divvy fleet.

Hundreds of electric Citi Bike e-bikes deemed too dangerous to ride have been converted to conventional pedal-powered bicycles and shipped to the Second City.

Hundreds of electric Citi Bikes in New York City deemed too dangerous to ride have been converted to conventional pedal-powered bicycles and shipped to Chicago

The loss of the e-bikes, which are prized for climbing hills and going over bridges, was a sore point for Citi Bike's critics #CrainsNY 


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In recent months, dozens of riders have reported injuries while riding electric Citi Bikes, prompting the company on Sunday to pull all of the approximately 1,000 electric bicycles from New York City's streets

The girl casually taking photos of @nickjonas  & @joejonas  riding Citi Bikes knows what's up

Citi Bikes are getting outfitted with laserlights to improve rider safety

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New Citi Bike deal will double the fleet over three years and bring bikes to Queens

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Citi Bikes are a wild success -- but will they survive? How it's going, 1 year in:

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ICYMI: Here's how many people died on Citi Bikes in the program's first year:

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