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Federal circuit court scraps Trump administration power plant rules

Judge Justin Walker, Trump's third and final D.C. Circuit appointee, has not abandoned his unorthodox writing style since joining that court.

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DC Circuit strikes down Trump EPA's power plant carbon emissions rule | #climatepolicy  * ACE rule designed to replace Clean Power Plan * Decision could provide more flexibility in regulating GHG @mollyknc  story:

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Smart point here by @jonathanchait , related to that Trump power plant rule being torn out by the DC circuit. Businesses have to hedge against possible future regulations; hence, Detroit didn't start building less efficient cars bc Trump let them.

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The pandemic has left even some of Trump's most reliable properties looking bruised. And his incitement of a riot at the Capitol threatens to short circuit licensing & media efforts. He leaves office $500m poorer. Deep dive w/ @LamoneyTom  & @maxabelson 

Biggest threat Trump now poses is that he will issue a mass pardon for all involved in the 1/6 insurrection. Not only will that deny accountability for the insurrectionists it will short-circuit investigations into new attacks since FBI will lose leverage over arrestees.

US lawyers ask 2nd Circuit to nix Trump from defamation suit:

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US lawyers ask 2nd Circuit to nix Trump from defamation suit brought by a woman who says he raped her in the '90s


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BREAKING NEWS: @NRA  scores a HUGE win in California today. The 9th Circuit, led by a Trump-appointed judge, rules that ban on magazines with more than 10 rounds is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This case will have repercussions nationwide.

BREAKING: Third Circuit court of appeals rejects appeal of Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania. “The campaign’s claims have no merit.”

🚨11th Circuit rules that bans on anti-LGBTQ "conversion therapy" violate the First Amendment. 2–1 decision, both judges in the majority appointed by Trump. A really awful and frightening decision.

BREAKING: 9th Circuit has given the Trump administration a green light to proceed with deportation of about 300,000 El Salvadorans by ending the 'temporary protected status' they've had for up to 20 years. 2-1 ruling today. Doc: More to come

While we wait for our Democratic colleagues to let this legislation move forward, the Senate’s used the time to confirm more of President Trump’s impressive nominees for the federal courts. Totals since January 2017: Supreme Court: 2 Circuit courts: 48 District courts: 120

In less than three years, President Trump has appointed and the Republican Senate has confirmed 50 circuit judges. That is already the most in any president’s whole first term since 1980.

The House has filed a brief in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals condemning the Trump Admin’s use of government initiatives to stoke a campaign of fear & discrimination against America’s immigrant communities. Read my full statement here:

The Senate has confirmed President Trump’s judicial nominees at a historic pace – 84 total, including Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, 29 circuit judges, and 53 district court judges.

THIS IS BIG: 9th Circuit judges say Donald Trump's sweeping talk of a "Muslim ban" can be used as evidence for discrimination.

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The 9th Circuit Court has denied Trump’s appeal to reinstate the #MuslimBan . Fight is not over but this is a great victory for our values.