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Unfortunately, a lot of that reaction in national media circles can be attributed to the fact that Trump was on the side of opening, and therefore, it became a moral obligation to be on the other side of the matter, data be damned. It was so stupid.

Popularly known as 'Ahmed Bhai' or 'AP' in political circles, Mr. Patel, who served as the powerful political secretary to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, was the quintessential backroom strategist during the 10-year rule of the Congress-led UPA.

(The optical illusion - if you’re interested - appears to generated by the thin borders on the edge of the circles moving in different ways to the main circle body. Hopefully more of this kind of crap will be posted in our reduced anxiety Post-Trump era.)

Dmv has nothing on nyc tow pound. Dante wrote too soon about the circles of hell. Long lines (45 minutes +) No social distancing Workers not wearing masks One counter out of 7 open. The "other" worker is "at lunch".

@nytimes  senior editor @katiekings  explains why the editorial page decided to publish an op-ed by Fu Ying, a prominent Chinese official who is well-known in diplomatic circles. Fu Ying calls for both competition & cooperation in Biden-Xi era.

Popularly known as 'Ahmed Bhai' or 'AP' in political circles, Mr. Patel, who served as the powerful political secretary to #SoniaGandhi , was the quintessential backroom strategist during the 10 year rule of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance

Helicopter circles as Tempe police search for unknown suspect

Pres.-elect Joe Biden's pick to be secretary of State is not a household name. But his years of experience in DC's foreign policy circles and near-two decades of working closely with Biden have brought bipartisan praise for his forthcoming nomination.

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A Florida dog put a car into reverse and drove it in circles for nearly an hour

This prescient warning from Dr Manmohan Singh in 1999 should serve to caution the bigots in our ruling circles — and also to inspire the rest of us to work to prevent the worst!

It remains interesting that Herman Cain’s death from COVID-19—after he attended a Trump rally in Oklahoma—didn’t even register as a warning in Trump Administration circles.

Yeah. Here's the deal. If you keep "turning the corner" like apparently President Trump keeps doing, it really means you are going around in circles.

some words from mac miller as we all get ready to press play on #circles  ?

People are VERY disappointed in Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve. The Fed has called it wrong from the beginning, too fast, too slow. They even tightened in the beginning. Others are running circles around them and laughing all the way to the bank. Dollar & Rates are hurting...

The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas. They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judicial picks & more. I made.....

#BREAKING: Mac Miller's posthumous album, Circles, will be released NEXT WEEK ?

Virtually no mainstream outlet is covering any part of Prof Turley’s testimony. While he didn’t donate/vote for Trump because his points called out this sham he gets no coverage despite running circles around the guy who advocated for Sharia law & the Clinton/Warren donor. ?