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Missouri’s Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch is under investigation after ex-students alleged they were physically and sexually abused. The school’s owners insist the claims are lies.

In recent years, the state has substantiated four reports of abuse and neglect involving the Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch in southwestern Missouri.

Owners of The Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch insist their decision to close has nothing to do with the ongoing criminal investigation into a slew of abuse and neglect allegations leveled by former students

This is a historic agreement. It will bring engines of growth. It can help bring about an economic flourishing in general and during the corona era in particular. I hope that other countries in our region will join the circle of peace.

Twenty Four Girls Removed from Circle of Hope Ranch in Cedar County

Village of Svatay above the Arctic circle in Yakutia as seen earlier today by #Sentinel2 . Residents were asked to be ready with documents &key belongings in case they have to flee; extra firefighters r coming tmrrow along with a hope for colder weather & rain #wildfires2020Russia 

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I'm more concerned on the issue of why Kanye publicly broke down and I don't think abortion has anything to do with it ... I really do hope someone in his circle can convince him to get help

President Trump is acting like he has lost hope the election is still winnable and seems like hedging bets more than campaigning. His "inner circle" exist only in pundits minds and the only recognizable strategy is Chaos

#CNBCAfrica : [ON AIR] "We'd like to thank our sponsors for standing by this event during this difficult time. Find all the information you need on our social media pages. we look forward to what we hope will be a once in a lifetime event this year" Stephen Marshall Gold Circle

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An #Oscars  prayer circle, hope this works: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Academy Award 🕯 Winner Adam 🕯 Driver  🕯 🕯 🕯

Lesson I hope all young conservatives take away from impeachment: the left only wins if we don't stick together. You circle the wagons and it doesn't matter what bullshit the media pushes to try to rig things. Hold the line.

summoning circle, hope this works ? ? ? ? ? ? boobs ? ? ? ? ? ?

summoning circle, hope this works ? ? ? ? ? ? the 1 pick ? ? ? ? ? ?

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anti-sea bear circle, hope this works ? ? ? ? ? ? ?⭐️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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summoning circle, hope this works: ? ? ? ? Please don't ? ? both be 0-0 ? ? this time ? ? ? ?

♫ It's the Circle of Life and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love. ♫

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