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"The battles of WallStreetBets bear a certain resemblance to those unleashed by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy," writes Christopher Caldwell.

Bizarre and unreflective essay from a person who used to be subtle and nuanced. Hammering in the cliche one final time, Christopher Caldwell says Trump 'spoke to a downwardly mobile, mostly white working class that had been forgotten by the elites.'

"[T]hose who mock Donald Trump as a mere huckster or illusionist are forgetting that, in a whole nation full of such people, that is not necessarily a downside." --Christopher Caldwell

"Citizens (?) have surrendered a great deal of decision-making power to experts - central bankers etc ...Mr Trump speaks for those who want this power back... from experts not serving the country so much as exploiting it" writes Christopher Caldwell in @FT 

Christopher Caldwell never mentions Donald Trump's name in The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties, but the book offers its own race-related interpretation of the '16 election. Read more 👉 #CivilRightsAct  #Liberals  #2016Election  #Race 

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Amid much hysteria, very clinical analysis of Trump's immigration policy from Christopher Caldwell

Trump’s big mistake? Turning the election into a personality contest, says Christopher Caldwell

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