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@auspost  . has agreed to enter mediation with former CEO Christine Holgate. The board made the 11th hour decision after Ms Holgate threatened to take legal action claiming she was unlawfully stood down. 7NEWS at 6pm. #AustraliaPost  #7NEWS 

Australia Post’s board takes unusual step of demanding details of a potential settlement with Christine Holgate be made public.

The Australia Post board has pushed back on Christine Holgate’s demands ahead of the former chief executive’s Wednesday 5pm deadline to conduct mediation.

TONIGHT: the Immigration Minister holds an urgent meeting with Indian-Australian leaders over the travel ban, and AusPost agrees to mediation with Christine Holgate. PLUS: the business of making babies, where do the rights of children fit? 6PM AEST on @ABCTV  + online #TheDrum 

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The board of Australia Post has called on ousted CEO Christine Holgate to make public her demands following mediation between the two parties. #9News 

Australia Post has called for Christine Holgate to make public her contract settlement demands as the legal stoush between the parties escalates ahead of a looming mediation deadline | @LisaVisentin 

Australia Post has responded to its former CEO Christine Holgate, after she threatened to sue them.

Opinion: The recent treatment of former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has been rather dire, laying bare the gendered double standard to which women - particularly those in the public eye - are persistently subjected, writes @BlairWilliams26 

The chair of Australia Post has accused former CEO Christine Holgate and her lawyers of making "unreasonable" demands in their war over her bitterly contested departure.

Ex-Australia Post boss Christine Holgate ‘disappointed’ government won’t meet mediation deadline


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When you’re asked why Christine Holgate was forced out of Aus Post over $20k worth of watches but you oversaw a program that had to pay back $1.2 billion ... #auspol  #insiders 

Former boss of christine holgate'>Australia Post Christine Holgate says PM @ScottMorrisonMP  's Question Time spray was the "one of the worst acts of bullying I’ve ever witnessed ". #abc730 

"This was horrible, misogynistic bullying - Morrison should apologise, and his failure to do that, I'm afraid to say, speaks volumes," Former PM @TurnbullMalcolm  on Scott Morrison's treatment of Christine Holgate.

TONIGHT: @latingle 's exclusive interview with former Australia Post CEO, Christine Holgate. Tune in to @abc730  on ABC TV and iview. #abc730 

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CHRISTINE HOLGATE: "I lost my job, a job that I loved, because I was humiliated by our Prime Minister for committing no offence," former Australia Post boss Christine Holgate says. #auspol 

Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate says she was "humiliated" & endured “the most harrowing 10 days of my career” over those Cartier watches. The PM was asked today about the perception he threw her under a bus in QT. @10NewsFirst  #auspol 

So Morrison’s thundering outrage at an entirely legitimate decision by then Aust Post CEO Christine Holgate to award $20k worth of bonuses has now cost over $350k in recruitment fees alone to replace her.

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Janet Albrechtsen has thoroughly eviscerated Scott Morrison in her column in today’s @australian . Exposing his “low rent” approach to Christine Holgate. Not to mention the attempt to cover-up his mess. He should apologise, but may be too small to do so.

So the PM publicly shames Christine Holgate, attacking her in parliament demanding she step down, throwing stones at her, then he commissions a report into her conduct, but they keep that report secret. It’s such hypocritical disgusting behaviour towards a leading businesswoman.