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To understand the American authoritarian mind, look to evangelical Christianity

We share Megan McKenna words in today's #DailyMeditations  "Christianity is not passive but active, energetic, alive, going beyond despair. . . 'Get up, go ahead, do something, move,' Jesus said to his disciples."

The ties between Eastern and Western Christianity were on full display Tuesday when the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in America visited with Utah’s top Roman Catholic leader.

Social justice commitment of Saka, Rashford & Sterling has roots in black christianity'>British Christianity, @fernville ⁩ reports; Contrast with the £boarding schools that produced posh boys who cut money to the poor.

Evangelicals abandoned Christianity — and chose to be 'conservatives' instead

Mel Gibson told Britney Spears 'Christianity would save her', singer's friend says

'Benedetta' is arguably the best exploration of Christianity and faith in a movie since Martin Scorsese’s 'Silence.'

"Was Jan. 6 a Christian revolt? No. It was an insurrection led by nationalists in Christianity’s clothing." #PostLetters 


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Eric Trump speaking on North Dakota radio last week on his dad's accomplishments says of his father, "he literally saved Christianity."

Dr. Taylor Marshall, author. “There Is A War On Christianity”. @OANN 

Christianity is not only a doctrine, a way of behaving, a culture. Yes, it is also these things. But the core of Christianity is an encounter: the encounter with Jesus. A Christian is a person who has encountered Jesus Christ, and was open to that encounter.

In American history, Christianity was often used to justify slavery in the United States. The elements of racial ideology still persist in some churches today.

Western Historians believe Christianity might have roots in Hindu dharma via @detechter 

This is a moment for everyone who says they follow Christ to connect to or strengthen our connection to the love, teachings and example of Christ. Why would a “Christian” be concerned that eradicating white supremacy will lead to eradicating “Christianity?” Think about that...

Why are Christian missionaries so agitated with an interview conduction by Rajiv Malhotra with one Esther who spoke of her unhappy experience with her conversion to Christianity?

Christianity is about having a relationship with the God of this universe through His son, Jesus. It’s certainly not about being perfect.

Morning prayer Lord on this day when we celebrate the event that sets Christianity apart from all other faiths, let us pause and truly consider the awesome sacrifice You made for us and be humbly thankful for the door to eternal salvation it opened for all who would accept it.