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American Christianity Is Due for a Revival… by @timkellernyc ⁩ “Durkheim recognized the difficulties secular cultures have in cultivating moral beliefs that are strong and unquestionable enough to unite people.”

The "decline narrative" in modern Christianity, writes @Tish_H_Warren , "represents a perniciously nostalgic vision of the past that belittles the darkness of racial oppression and the costs for those who experienced and denounced it."

OPINION: When it comes to combining traditional and religious values - such as polygamy and Christianity - this can create confusion for individuals looking to form strong unions.

"Hindu vigilantes in Chhattisgarh state in eastern India, enraged by the spread of Christianity and rallied by local political leaders, have assaulted and displaced hundreds of Christian converts in dozens of villages and left a trail of damaged churches."

How do we transform and transcend our biases? For those grappling with Christianity, finding better ways of being can lead to a more loving faith. Join CAC and @brianmclaren  for Season 4 of #LearningHowToSee  featuring #BarbaraBrownTaylor  and @RevJacquiLewis .

St Eanswythe is the patron saint of Folkestone, Kent, and was granddaughter of Ethelbert, the first English king to convert to Christianity.

Since December, Hindu vigilantes in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, enraged by the spread of Christianity and rallied by local political leaders, have assaulted and displaced hundreds of Christian converts in dozens of villages.

This is very true. Unfortunately, like Trump, the extreme far right AND many mainstream Republicans believe Putin “is a defender of traditional Christianity.” Until his supporters understand they are being used by a foreign enemy, this will continue

#YogiSanatanStand The UP CM, while addressing a gathering in Bhinmal, Rajasthan that Sanatan Dharma is India's national religion, which every Indian must respect. The opposition asked if this mean the end of Sikhism, Islam & Christianity.

The additional charge against Father Sergiy, who is already in prison after being convicted of vigilantism, violating the right to religious freedom, and encouraging suicide, stemmed from his online posts about religions other than christianity'>Orthodox Christianity.


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Update: The American killed was a missionary who wanted to convert an indigenous tribe to Christianity

Imagine being so Christian that you opt to vote for a man who reportedly committed violence against his family, fathered multiple children with different women, paid for an abortion and was absent as a father - rather than vote for a reverend who studied and taught Christianity!

We must return to the essence of Christianity: the love of God, the driving force of our joy that sends us out to trod the pathways of the world, and welcoming our neighbour. This is the simplest and most beautiful witness we can give the world.

this stuff — that african american christianity is a heresy — is implicit in the attacks on the religious views of figures like sen. warnock but it is rare, as far as i can tell, to see it said in the open like this

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Dr. Taylor Marshall, author. “There Is A War On Christianity”. @OANN 

Christianity is not only a doctrine, a way of behaving, a culture. Yes, it is also these things. But the core of Christianity is an encounter: the encounter with Jesus. A Christian is a person who has encountered Jesus Christ, and was open to that encounter.

Why are Christian missionaries so agitated with an interview conduction by Rajiv Malhotra with one Esther who spoke of her unhappy experience with her conversion to Christianity?

Christianity Today: "Trump Should Be Removed from Office; It’s time to say what we said 20 years ago when a president’s character was revealed for what it was." @CTmagazine 

I guess the magazine, “Christianity Today,” is looking for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or those of the socialist/communist bent, to guard their religion. How about Sleepy Joe? The fact is, no President has ever done what I have done for Evangelicals, or religion itself!

‘The scripture I hear has to do with protecting the poor, and spending time with the prisoner, and healing the sick, and caring for the stranger.’ — 2020 candidate says that Christianity belongs to progressives as much as it does to the right