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EXCLUSIVE: Christiane Paul & Carter Redwood round out the series regular cast of #FBIInternational , the upcoming third series in @WolfFilms 's hit FBI drama franchise on CBS

Behind our Olympians is a mum or dad who also had to dream big and work hard. TND's Christiane Barro shares their remarkable stories.

Still have questions on what SPS is about? Christiane and Arti roll up their sleeves to explain it. #WTOsps  🍍🐄🌱👇

It brings together top experts, and touches on every aspect of terrorism and CT you can imagine. Virtually all the contributions are very, very good. @weyembergh  , Christiane Höhn and Isabel Saveedra deserve massive praise for putting this together in less than a year 🎉🎉🎉 👇3/4

A novel dataset of weekly economic indices for the 50 US states going back to 1987, based on mixed-frequency dynamic factor models, from Christiane Baumeister, Danilo Leiva-León, and Eric R. Sims

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US officials relieved to not repeat 'debacle' of Putin 'running circles around Trump': CNN's Amanpour

Amanpour: Biden did something very different than Trump

Christiane Amanpour, chief international anchor for CNN, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she told viewers on Monday. She said she was sharing the news because she wanted to be transparent, but mostly to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis.


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Prince Philip's death signals the beginning of the end of a generation for the British monarchy, according to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Philip, a military man, devoted his career to Queen Elizabeth II once they were married, Amanpour said.

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CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour told viewers Monday that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Wishing my colleague and media shero @camanpour ⁩ the absolute best as she undergoes chemo. You got this, we’re all with you. ❤️👊🏻 Amanpour shares cancer diagnosis with viewers.

CNN's Christiane Amanpour has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. "I've had successful major surgery to remove it, and I'm now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the very best possible long-term prognosis." We're all rooting for you, @camanpour 

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard helped solve one of biology’s great mysteries: how the genes in a fertilised egg form an embryo. In the lead-up to #WomeninScience  day discover more about our Medicine Laureate:

Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been appointed as the next Director-General of the World Trade Organization. She told CNN’s Amanpour on Friday that fair trade and access to Covid-19 vaccines are among her priorities as leader of the @wto 

It was a pleasure talking to you Christiane. Thanks for your time

Christiane Amanpour, the chief international anchor on CNN, said broadcasters and newspapers also had to look at the role they played after they reported comments and news based on who said them, regardless of whether they were true

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Christiane Amanpour: "What is the point of spreading that kind of disinformation [about Sen. Kamala Harris's eligibility for VP] that is contrary to the United States Constitution?" Jared Kushner: "Right now, you're the one spreading that disinformation."

Nancy Pelosi tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour she "had no intention" of ripping up Trump's State of the Union address until she read it: "I thought, 'This is terrible... Let's get attention on the fact that what he said here today was not true'"