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Deaths of 1,280 people who tested positive for Covid-19 had been recorded. Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned "in the next week we do anticipate the number of people in the NHS and the number of deaths will continue to rise"

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Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty clashed over whether the PM's chief medical officer had been misquoted by the prime minister. Read the latest on #COVID19  here:

Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty on when lockdown could be relaxed

chris whitty'>Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty tells LBC Westminster Correspondent@BenKentish  he thinks it's "very likely" that things will "be a lot better in the spring".

Chris Whitty says UK has 'well exceeded' first wave hospital peak and warns deaths will keep rising next week

Chris Whitty tells LBC Westminster Correspondent@BenKentish  he still thinks it's "very likely" that things will "be a lot better in the spring".

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospital is expected to peak in the next seven to 10 days, chris whitty'>Professor Chris Whitty has said

BREAKING Covid deaths will keep rising for at least a week suggests Chris Whitty

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LBC Westminster Correspondent@BenKentish  questions Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance on the UK's handling of the Covid crisis.

Chris Whitty says we have still not hit peaks of deaths and hospitalisations - latest


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A message from @CMO_England  chris whitty'>Professor Chris Whitty on #coronavirus  #COVID19  is spreading across the country, putting many at risk and placing pressure on the #NHS  As we roll out vaccines, it is vital that we all continue to stay at home to: ▶️ protect the NHS ▶️ save lives

Chris Whitty warns the worst is yet to come, before inviting Boris Johnson to the lectern.

sobering reply from Chris Whitty, chief medical officer, asked what he'll be doing at Christmas: "I'll be on the wards."

Words of advice to Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance: make sure now that you have detailed notes about what you said, when, where and to whom. Hopefully you might have evidence in the form of recordings/emails/WhatsApp/telephone records. You’re both about to be hung out to dry.

If CMO, Chris Whitty, doesn’t want to address the the public health consequences of #Cummings  behaviour, then he is not fit to lead. This isn’t just politics, it’s fundamental to the principles of public compliance to public health policy

Does anyone get the feeling Chris Whitty can barely bring himself to look at @BorisJohnson  ?

"Are you entirely comfortable with the prime minister telling you that you can't answer questions about Dominic Cummings?" - @SamCoatesTimes  Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance insist they do not want to get involved in politics.

"Just touching" surfaces "will not give you the virus... it's if you touch it and then touch your face having not washed your hands" England's chief medical adviser chris whitty'>Prof Chris Whitty on coronavirus at Commons health committee questions Latest:

Within 10-14 days the UK will move to a situation where “everybody who has even minor respiratory tract infections or a fever should be self-isolating for seven days afterwards” Chief medical officer Chris Whitty on "the next step" #COVID2019