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Commercial and subsistence harvesters speak out against trawler bycatch of Chinook salmon

An RAF Chinook Helicopter has been used to deliver 56 tonnes of aggregate to an island in #Portsmouth  Harbour. It's hoped it'll enhance an important habitat for coastal birds. Full story:

Britain and Pentagon reach deal on $2 billion sale of 14 Chinook helicopters

"We have all the problems of Indian Country, but no means of dealing with it," Chinook Indian Nation chair Tony Johnson says. Without federal recognition, they get no reservation, no housing allowance, no clinics, no vaccine allocations

AEG has confirmed four events at Chinook at Terry Bison Ranch in Wyoming, a state with no restrictions on outdoor gatherings.

$KDNY: Chinook Therapeutics files for $275 mln mixed securities shelf offering

Members of Chinook Indian Nation liken lack of federal recognition to slow-motion ‘genocide’

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Thank you Indian Air Force, for your partnership. We’re happy to have completed the deliveries of the 22 AH64-E Apache and 15 Chinook helicopters to India: Boeing India

Teamwork makes the dream work! Soldiers and @usmarines  begin loading into waiting CH-47F Chinook helicopters at Fort Wainwright's for a mission in support of Arctic Edge 2020. Photo by John Pennell #Ready2Fight 

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I’ve got you! @USArmy  @25ID  soldiers conduct special patrol insertion and extraction training from a CH-47 Chinook helicopter off the coast of Kaneohe, Hawaii. #KnowYourMil 

. and Maj. Gen. Walter E. Piatt, commander of , watch as CH-47 Chinook helicopters carry artillery during a demonstration at on August 13. President Trump was at Fort Drum to sign the NDAA 2019. photo by Sgt. Thomas Scag #USArmys 

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Bird’s-eye view ☁️ A @USArmy  CH-47 Chinook helicopter sling-loads an M777 Howitzer to provide troop support for the soldiers at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii for the first live-fire air assault exercise of its kind on the island of Oahu ??. #KnowYourMil 

WATCH: CH-47 Chinook helicopter does a two-wheel landing, retrieves injured climber and six rescuers from summit of Mount Hood.

WATCH: CH-47 Chinook helicopter does a two-wheel landing, retrieves injured climber and six rescuers from summit of Mount Hood. If this doesn't impress you I don't know what will.

#SecDef Mattis signs a flag for the door gunner on a CH-47 Chinook upon departure from #Kabul , #Afghanistan , Sept. 7. Mattis met with Afghan and coalition members during the previously unannounced visit to the country. #SecDefTravelsTravels 

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Tribute on this Veterans Day to US Army Chinook pilot Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Zizelman-"An Officer and a Gentleman" who helped from freezing. should promote him! Of course libs go nuts about it.