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Tesla is pumping the brakes on plans to bring Chinese-made cars to the US.

Gigabyte Technology Co. has become the latest international business to face a boycott in China after its comments about shoddy Chinese-made goods prompted an online furor and its removal from e-commerce sites

The 2021 China Brand Day kicked off in #Shanghai  on Monday morning. The models of a large number of Chinese-made goods were displayed at the event.

"When Myanmar’s military junta seeks to gain a tactical advantage against pro-democracy demonstrators or ethnic resistance groups, it sometimes deploys Chinese-made drones to survey the situation and provide crackdown targets."

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The weapons seized included Chinese-made, Kalashnikov-style assault rifles, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

#Myanmar 's military has deployed Chinese-made drones to survey the situation and to guide its lethal clampdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

@Chao_Deng  @drewfhinshawSinopharm 's is the sixth vaccine the WHO has granted emergency use, and the only inactivated virus vaccine. The WHO is currently reviewing another Chinese-made vaccine, by Sinovac. Health experts expect a similar ruling for it in the coming days.

The World Health Organization has added Sinopharm’s vaccine to its list of approved Covid-19 jabs, in a boost for the Chinese-made shot as doubts surface over its efficacy

WHO grants emergency use authorization for Chinese-made Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine @mradamtaylor 


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Is that an Chinese-made iPad in your pocket Marco or are you just glad to Xi me?

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Gujarat: Shopkeepers in Ahmedabad claim that demand for Chinese made rakhis has fallen this #RakshaBandhan  festival. A shopkeeper says, "All of us are hurt by China's actions. Customers who come here are willing to pay a little bit more for Indian products instead of Chinese."

European governments reject Chinese-made equipment designed to combat coronavirus outbreak

NEW: Customs records show dozens of shipments of Chinese-made Ivanka Trump brands arriving in US since election. More

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“Ford has abruptly killed a plan to sell a Chinese-made small vehicle in the U.S. because of the prospect of higher U.S. Tariffs.” CNBC. This is just the beginning. This car can now be BUILT IN THE U.S.A. and Ford will pay no tariffs!

Senators urge Americans to 'wake up' to security threats of Chinese-made metros, buses

Chinese-made drone was used to put out highrise fire in a drill!

?A can-do attitude is what is needed to build the world’s greatest architectures. ?Behold, another Chinese-made masterpiece, a mega cable-stayed bridge in Central China’s #Wuhan . The 36,000-ton bridge was rotated above 11 railways lines.

Just came off Senate floor where I spoke about the devastating consequences of the shutdown on our economy. also spoke & noted that shutdown closed down NASA just as the Chinese made great strides in moon landing. Where’s American leadership? The Senate must vote.