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"No Chinese leader…held as much authority—until Xi. But he is not Mao 2.0. A disciplinarian, not a revolutionary, Xi is driven by a need for control…He speaks in Marxist terms…but his brand of communism also promotes Confucius and e-commerce." @aliceysu 

China continues to persecute religious minorities, rewriting the #Bible  to make it conform to Chinese Marxist doctrine, and sending #Uighurs  Muslims to re-education camps, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said. @Donna_Rachel_  reports.

'Trained Marxist' BLM co-founder is being funded by group linked to the Chinese Communist Party

Young “social justice warriors” see no connection between Marxist teachers, Marxist textbooks, Marxist principles, Marxist slogans and Stalinist gulags, the Chinese Cultural revolution, the starvation, incarceration, torture and murder of millions.

"The same Marxist philosophy used by the Chinese Communist Party is filling the streets of Portland, Chicago..." @SenMarshaBlackburn  and other China hawks warn America faces its own "year zero" if protesters gain the upper hand.

"...the CCP regime is a Marxist-Leninist regime. General Secretary Xi Jinping is a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology. His ideology informs his decades-long desire for global hegemony built on Chinese Communism. " - @SecPompeo 


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In Hong Kong, media can’t criticize the Chinese Communist Party. In America, the media is consumed with hating @realDonaldTrump  and Americans can’t even criticize a Marxist, race-based 501(c)3!

It is wrong to believe that the crisis of legitimacy is limited to the West. Just reading today's FT. Putin's approval ratings at 33%, lowest ever; lower than Trump's. Chinese govt extracts fake confessions from Marxist students defending striking workers.

China teaches its students to be Marxist. Students apply Marxist principles. Chinese authorities crack down on the students. Any questions?

All you need to know about the media’s not-so-secret love for Marxist dictatorships can be seen in their treatment of the collectivist machine-like behavior of North Korean cheerleaders and the Chinese Olympics opening ceremony.