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Many labels have been attached to Xinjiang, which is in the far west of China, but what is life really like for the region's 25 million residents? We asked several international observers and locals to find the answer

China’s industrial centre of gravity is shifting away from the coast towards the south-west and its borders with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam

For six months, The Wall Street Journal ​explored the origins of Xi Jinping’s political model, how it is reshaping China and why it has set him on a collision course with the West. Here are our key findings.

Arevalo sees no conflict of interest in the fact that the AFP will be vaccinated for free by China, their adversary in the West Philippine Sea | via @chiarazambrano 

Yicai Quick News Review: Shanghai's MWC Visitors Scramble to Test Huawei's New USD2,786 Foldable Mate X2; Chengdu Is First City in China’s West to Try Out Digital Yuan; HKEX Share Price Tanks as HK Hikes Stamp Duty on Stock Trades; China's Tianwen-1 Enters Mars Parking Orbit.

@chiarazambrano  Arevalo sees no conflict of interest in the fact that the AFP will be vaccinated for free by China, their adversary in the West Philippine Sea | via @chiarazambrano 

WEST AFRICA | MARITIME FOOTHOLD Blinken calls the small island nation of Cape Verde ahead of 52 other African nations. China has built a palace and a stadium there. @kenmoriyasu  @KaoriYoshida_  and Ryo Nakamura report, with analysis from @DrLaJohnston 

Only China with its socialist system is able to mobilize such national efforts to select the most suitable people in the fight against poverty. The selected cadres serve the people, rather than shout slogans to win votes, like politicians do in the West.

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#China cannot be understood as the antithesis of the West, note Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng. Instead, China challenges traditional Western frameworks, with a policymaking approach that is long-term, pragmatic, and contextual.

Chengdu Is First City in China’s West to Try Out Digital Yuan

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All of the (undeniable) Islamophobia in the West doesn’t come even close to what China is doing to Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. China is a close ally of yours, Mr Prime Minister, so maybe write them a letter instead/as well?

“It was scalding”: A Uighur under lockdown in Xinjiang recalls stripping naked and being hosed down with acidic disinfectant until her skin peeled – one of a number of draconian measures to combat coronavirus in China’s far west Xinjiang region.

A full-scale McCarthyite witch hunt is under way in the West, imported from Trump's rogue state. It is racist and aimed at a non-existent 'threat' from China. Reality is inverted. The true threat is obvious but heresy. Watch this clip from my film, 'The Coming War on China' ..

"China’s economy has thrived through the manufacture of American products," Andy Puzder and Bill Hagerty write. It's time to bring those supply chains home—and President@realDonaldTrump  has already laid a foundation. West Wing Reads:

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BREAKING: Leaked documents expose inner workings of internment camps and mass surveillance in China’s far west Xinjiang region.

China has quarantined 60 million people—more than the population of our West Coast. They’ve shut down schools indefinitely. Hong Kong has slashed travel from the mainland. We must immediately stop all travel on commercial aircraft between China & the United States.

Leaked data from China’s Far West details how the state has effectively criminalized individuals and entire families for practicing Islam.

Several Asian countries have sent back garbage to the west, after China banned plastic waste imports last year: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines + Sri Lanka. Much of it is non-recyclable, contaminates local environments and causes health hazards.

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Our nation is in a security crisis byuncertain behaviour of Pak on west &north west, China in north & north east, commercial outlook of Russia, Jehadi Islamists & ISIS in south, and TDK driven subversion in internal politics. Requires out of box thinking which Namo is capable of

You may not have heard: January was an incredible month for our economy. Analysts expected 165,000 new jobs. We got 304,000. The stock market had its best January in 30 years. China trade talks continued with "good intent and spirit." West Wing Reads:

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