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#NewsAlert – United States recognizes Tibet Government. US Administration invites Lobsang Sangay to the White House. US stands up to China. CTA President, Lobsang Sangay @Drlobsangsangay ) speaks to @SiddiquiMaha  Join the broadcast with @snehamordani .

To better protect black-necked cranes, a first-class national protected animal living on plateau, a patrol team was set up in SW China’s Tibet. The birds now tend to overwinter in the region for six months and the population has increased to about 1,600 from 700 in 1992

At “Canadian”-branded international schools in China, the curriculum is edited when it comes to Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen Square. Important investigation from @nvanderklippe ⁩

An altitude of 5,548 meters! Electrical workers maintain a transmission tower at a mountain peak to ensure power supply in Tibet, China. #YakVideo 

In today’s #WorldatFive  🌎: China is trying to buy Tibet's loyalty, but at what cost? @tangdidi  reports

Vocational education is boosted in SW China's Tibet to help locals obtain skills and increase incomes. Check out what the 1st city-level technical school in Tibet looks like #YakVideo 

A traditional archery competition is held in Nyingchi, SW China's Tibet, to celebrate the Gongbo New Year #InTibet 

A new mode of school-enterprise cooperation has been encouraged in China, with more training projects designed based on the needs of local economic development as well as enterprises. In Tibet, such mode of cooperation has seen fruitful results

In a first, the #UnitedStates  has called #Tibet  as a militarily occupied territory of #China . @Geeta_Mohan )


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China in major human rights abuse against Tibet as region crippled under Beijing

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Exclusive: China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet via @catecadell ⁩

#WATCH Canada: Regional Tibetan Youth Congress protest against China outside the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto, raise "Tibet stands with India" & "Thank you Indian Army" slogans.

@SecPompeo  shares the United States' concerns regarding the Chinese Communist Party's aggressive actions in the South China Sea and Tibet.

60 years ago India began to counter Chinese strategy on "Five Fingers of Tibet" incl Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim,Bhutan, NEFA(Arunachal).As government readies its hand on dealing with China now, it must not lose sight of every finger in play. My piece @the_hindu 

Tibetan activists say policies being imposed by the Communist Party of China in Hong Kong bear resemblance to what the Chinese government has been doing in other regions like Tibet.

If not for #ShyamaPrasadMukherjee , Kolkata would be in Bangladesh. If not for Nehru, Kashmir would be fully integrated, Nepal would be with India, Tibet wouldn’t be with China. Yet, who became PM? Whose dynasty serially enjoyed power? Who was put to death in a Srinagar prison?

“They (China) are already encircling India and India needs to be aware of it," says Dr Lobsang Sangay, PM of Tibet government in-exile on #LeftRightCentre 

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@venzq  : Why they should not? Ask those who signed away UNSC seat to China, who took J&K to UN and those who refuse to withdraw it now? Who sold out Tibet again in 2003? China knows who are soft touches and who wear velvet gloves and pack a punch

While criticising Nehru justifiably for signing a treaty to hand to China Tibet in 1954 let us not forget Vajpayee signed a similar treaty with China accepting dividing Tibet into 4 and merging three with neighbouring Chinese states. .