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Today, the US Senate sent a powerful message to companies like @musicallyapp , under the control of Communist China, that are obligated to spy, steal & censor any content the CCP wishes. I’m glad the Senate passed my bill w @HawleyMOth  to ban this app on gov’t devices.

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China entered our territory because of the Govt's weakness. China seized our holy land and is still inside our territory. China martyred 20 of our brave jawans: Shri@OfficeOfRG  #राहुल_की_पुकार_बदलें_बिहार

#IndiaChinaFaceOff | Modi govt's way of handling border issue shows that we are not wanting to go to war with China: @rajchengappa  #MOTN2020  LIVE at ( & ) @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

#IndiaChinaFaceOff | Modi govt has been able to turn public opinion against China domestically and internationally: @rajchengappa  #MOTN2020  LIVE at ( & ) @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

It is a national issue, the ruling Govt at that time must have taken note of the action: @advmajeedmemon , NCP leader tells TIMES NOW on SC questioning China-Congress 'MoU'.

Double Whammy For China! US Bans#TikTok  For Govt Employees, #Google  Deletes Over 2500 #YouTube  Channels With Chinese Links

CJI on plea for NIA/CBI to investigate 2008 agreement between Congress & Communist Party of China for exchanging high-level info and cooperation: We find this absurd in can govt of one country enter into agreement with a political party? -via @kdrajagopal 

The govt’s China Study Group is considering recommending a series of punitive measures to limit Beijing’s soft power in India, following the #PLA  intransigence on expediting disengagement along the #LAC 

US President @realDonaldTrump  issues #ExecutiveOrder  to ban @musicallyapp  &a @WeChatAppmp ; in 45 days, cites India ban in the executive order, says information by apps being used by China Govt

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US Congressmen Eliot Engel & Michael McCaul write to EAM: 'US-India relationship all the more important as India faces aggression from China along your shared border,that is part of Chinese govt’s pattern of unlawful & belligerent territorial aggression across Indo-Pacific. (1/3)


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The reason Modi government was relaxed (about Chinese PLA actions) in April to May 5th is that the Russian Govt assured us that China will do nothing.”Massing of PLA troops was for routine annual excercise”. the Russians told us. Were the Russians fooled by Chinese ?

Biden has been and always will be weak on China. His family has made way too much $$$ from the Chinese Govt for him to ever stand up to them. +\- $30,000,000 a year to his kid’s fund must have made him sell out... you think the media would let me get away with that?

BIG BREAKING: 1st Big retaliation by Govt of IndiaIN against China.Our forces will fight them on ground meanwhile India does the ‘Digital Air Strike’ on China. India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.

China is gonna have to pay. CHY-NAH! Big time. The federal govt must react, but we can all do our part by BOYCOTTING China in every way possible. Bag that trip to China. Boycott products. Boycott China-owned companies in US. Just the start... #coronavirus 

Now that we have entered the second phase of our evict China policy, the nation is united, and setting aside all doubts, wishes Namo Govt God speed and victory against nation’s foes.

India can lose another neighbour to China due to MoF refusal to re-schedule repayments on loans given by Namo Govt to the previous Sri Lanka Govt. Now to repay our past loan China has offered to give a loan to Sri Lanka !!

7 million people left Wuhan, China in January...after govt officials knew about coronavirus human to human transmission (and suppressed it) before travel was restricted (NYT). 7 million people.

@NBA  is throwing the GM of @HoustonRockets  under the bus to please the Communist Chinese Govt. Disgusting. They allow #China  to punish a U.S. citizen for free speech in order to protect NBA’s market access in China. Grotesque

Did coronavirus come from China? Yes. Did it expand globally because the Chinese govt covered it up for a month? Yes. Does China produce most of US medical supply chain? Yes. Is it wise to antagonize China in the middle of this crisis? Are you fucking kidding me.

Why did the US Gov’t donate nearly 18 tons of medical equipment to China in February when the White House was warned the pandemic was coming to America? Now our nurses and doctors need these masks, gloves, gowns, and respirators. What were you thinking??