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#ANALYSIS: Latest trade data shows China's trade restrictions aren't an immediate threat to Australian economy

Independent Senator Rex Patrick has proposed legislation which would see the Australian government ban the import of any products where the supply chain utilises forced Uighur Labour across western China.

Strong demand for Australian iron ore, wheat and coking coal resulted in the nation’s fourth largest goods trade surplus on record, half attributed to China, despite the ongoing trade war.

Australian Treasurer Frydenberg: Trade relationship with China is very important and mutually beneficial

#Australia 's exports of iron ore to China, its largest trading partner, jumped 25% in Dec, accounting for 79% of its total iron ore exports during the month. Wheat exports to China represented ⅓ of total exported from Australia in Dec: Australian official data

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#Asis : Noon: China surpassed US to become world's largest recipient of FDI. Australian equities trading near 11-months high; regulator approved usage of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. In Japan Pharma, Energy shares↑; $JPY ↑ #SSE  +0.71 #XJO  +0.36 #Nikkei  +0.37%.

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Ships continue to transport coal to China, despite ban on Australian imports

Australian resource giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have increased iron ore production thanks to an infrastructure binge in China.

#Asia : Close: Australian equities closed near 11-mo high; Morgan Stanley raised price target on the index to 7100. China sanctioned Trump officials including Mike Pompeo. Japan exports boosted in Dec; Foreigners were net buyers of equities #SSE  +1.07 #Nikkei  +0.82 #XJO  +0.79%

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Two Australian journalists in China took refuge in Australian diplomatic missions after being told by Chinese officials they could not leave the country

'Tit-for-tat': China's detention of Australian Cheng Lei is ringing alarm bells

Australia's day of shame. Two deferential Australian ministers are in Washington, summoned by the fanatic, Mike Pompeo, to plan a war with China. Nothing less. Watch my film, The Coming War on China, on my website, free of charge. This is the link:

Australian university in censorship row over China’s Hong Kong policy

Souring relations between China and Australia are set to be tested further after Canberra was given 10 days to explain why Beijing should not impose tariffs of up to 80 per cent on Australian barley imports.

China is set to make good on the threat to use its economic clout to punish Australia by imposing an 80% tax on importing Australian barley. @CUhlmann  #9News 

An Australian lawyer based in Hong Kong says many friends are considering leaving the city now as China strengthens its grip on the territory with a new security law.

Enemy of the State. Why is a 21-year-old Aussie student facing death threats and the fury of Communist China? SUNDAY on #60Mins , the shocking allegations of Beijing’s influence in Australian universities.

China is threatening to impose a tariff on Australian barley imports at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global pressure mounting on China to close its wildlife wet markets. America says China should close all such markets permanently. Australian government says they should be “phased out” and urges G20 to act.