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Australia joined allies including the U.S. and the U.K. in raising concern about the use of products from China’s Xinjiang region in global supply chains

China looks to new markets for coal, but can it do without Australia?

Australia joined allies including the U.S. and the U.K. in raising concern about the use of products from China’s Xinjiang region in global supply chains

Since China blocked imports of Australian lobsters last year, Australia has been awash in local crustaceans. “I’m getting a bit sick of eating lobster, if that makes sense…I don’t have the appetite for it anymore.” @Mike_Cherney 

China threatens Australia with a 'counterstrike' after government condemned Beijing's assault on democracy in Hong Kong

Australia publicly condemned China and the nation was incensed. Now, Beijing has unleashed a torrent of abuse, labelling us “evil” and “meddling”.

#ANALYSIS: A declassified document sheds light on Australia's position in America's China strategy

The Morrison government’s handling of Australia's relationship with China will cost our economy, experts warn: #auspol 

A Sydney Professor is among a team of scientists who've touched down in Wuhan to find the source of COVID-19. After months of negotiations, Australia says it's watching closely to make sure China doesn't interfere with the global investigation. #7NEWS 

#Asia : Close: China ended near flat line; Govt re-imposed lockdown in 4 cities. In Australia, Healthcare stocks slumped for 4th straight session; Afterpay soared 10%. S.Korea kept its interest rate unchanged at 0.5%; blue-chip stocks↓ #SSE  +0.01 #XJO  +0.01 #Nikkei  -0.62%.

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2021 CALENDAR UPDATE BHSeason starts in Bahrain 26-28 MarAUAustralia moves to 19-21 NovITImola returns 16-18 Apr; China discussions ongoing Dates of Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi races all change #F1 

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? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 41 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 1300 ?? US 2 ??Australia 1 ?? France 3 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 3 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 3 ?? Thailand 5 ?? Vietnam 2 ??Malaysia 3 (Source: VOA/ AFP)

With a population of 21 million, Florida announced 10,109 new covid cases today. With a combined population of 2.6 billion, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and the European Union are averaging 6,760 new cases.

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Australia’s Central Bank cut interest rates and stated it will most likely further ease in order to make up for China’s Coronavirus situation and slowdown. They reduced to 0.5%, a record low. Other countries are doing the same thing, if not more so. Our Federal Reserve has us....

Most coronavirus deaths. China: 3176 Italy: 1016 Iran: 429 Spain: 87 South Korea: 67 France: 61 US: 41 Japan: 17 UK: 10 Iraq: 8 Switzerland: 7 Germany: 6 Netherlands: 5 San Marino: 5 Philippines: 5 Belgium: 3 Australia: 3 Hong Kong: 3 Lebanon: 3 Egypt: 2 Algeria: 2

Most coronavirus deaths. China: 3199 Italy: 1809 Iran: 724 Spain: 292 France: 127 S Korea: 75 US: 63 UK: 35 Japan: 24 Netherlands: 20 Switzerland: 14 Germany: 12 Philippines: 12 Iraq: 10 Australia: 5 Indonesia: 5 San Marino: 5 Belgium: 4 Greece: 4 Hong Kong: 4

Stockmarkets today. Italy: -10% Norway: -8.9% Spain: -7.5% France: -7.2% Germany: -7.1% Netherlands: -7.1% Saudi: -7.2% UK: -6.8% Australia: -6.6% Indonesia: -6.6% Sweden: -6% South Africa: -5.5% India: -5.4% Japan: -5% Turkey: -4.2% South Korea: -4.2% China: -3%

Australia is offering us a free trade deal.?? Brazil is offering us a free trade deal.?? China is offering us a free trade deal.?? The US is offering us a free trade deal.?? In fact, the only major economy NOT offering us a free trade deal is the EU.?? Time to switch partners?

all @wildnestor  Feb 16 the number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world: ENGLAND: 0 GREECE: 1 NETHERLANDS: 1 SPAIN: 1 INDIA: 1 ARGENTINA: 1 RUSSIA: 1 CHINA: 3 MEXICO: 4 AUSTRALIA: 5 CANADA: 5 GERMANY: 5 SOUTH AFRICA: 5 USA 212