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#ChildTaxCredit 2021: How Much Will I Get? When Will Monthly Payments Arrive? And Other FAQs | Kiplinger

Join my colleagues and me live with moms helped by @POTUS ’ #ChildTaxCredit !

True or false. There’s an #IRS  tool that can help you determine if you qualify for the #ChildTaxCredit .

With the arrival of #ChildTaxCredit  payments, #HelpIsHere  for hardworking people in this country.

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The #ChildTaxCredit  is a boost to families across the country.

Hello and good morning to all of the families across America who are receiving their #ChildTaxCredit  payments. 😌 #HelpIsHere 

The Biden #ChildTaxCredit  is here to uplift families and help them rebuild.

Sadly, it won't be by pre-loaded debit card. #childtaxcredit 


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Have questions about the #ChildTaxCredit ? Check out our explainer and visit for more info.

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Democrats delivered the #ChildTaxCredit  for families. And it’s a big f-ing deal.

Okay, with the #ChildTaxCredit  starting to hit accounts I want to hear from you: How is your family going to use this extra money?

New Mexico’s working families will be able to breathe a little easier today. #ChildTaxCredit 

Reminder: every single House Republican voted against expanding the #ChildTaxCredit  that will cut child poverty in half.

Find out how much money you could get from the #ChildTaxCredit  here: