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Are you wondering if you’re eligible for #IRS  advance #ChildTaxCredit  payments? Watch

We can start building on that progress by making the #ChildTaxCredit  permanent, but there’s more we can do.

Questions about the advance #ChildTaxCredit  payments? Get answers from an #IRS  video tip.

Thanks to the #ChildTaxCredit , we cut taxes for millions of families and kept 3 million children out of poverty.

Happening now: We’re answering all of your questions about the #ChildTaxCredit . Watch live here⬇️


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The monthly #ChildTaxCredit  checks should be permanent. Pass it on!

Democrats delivered the #ChildTaxCredit  for families. And it’s a big f-ing deal.

This is fantastic news—the #ChildTaxCredit  is working. We need to make it permanent.

The monthly #ChildTaxCredit  checks should be permanent. Pass it on!

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Every Republican voted against the #ChildTaxCredit . Every Democrat voted for it. #reiders 

RT if you agree we should make the #ChildTaxCredit  permanent.

Join my colleagues and me live with moms helped by @POTUS ’ #ChildTaxCredit !

Hello and good morning to all of the families across America who are receiving their #ChildTaxCredit  payments. 😌 #HelpIsHere 

Reminder: every single House Republican voted against expanding the #ChildTaxCredit  that will cut child poverty in half.