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I wrote about how childcare is just as important as a bridge or any other piece of infrastructure, and how the idea caught on, for the @nytimes 

And again, childcare is nasty social engineering bc it's trying to force women to work; also, we're going to impose extreme hardship to force people to work 2/

On this #MothersDay2021 , remember that the US: —Doesn’t have guaranteed paid maternity leave —Doesn’t guarantee paid sick days for workers (unlike nearly 200 other countries) —Doesn't have a subsidized, widely accessible system of childcare

#HappyMothersDay ! One way the U.S. can support moms is by investing more in caregiving infrastructure—including paid family and medical leave, childcare, and home-based health services. Check out thes @equitablegrowth  factsheets:

"We have fallen behind with our investments in the economy and people are still struggling,” Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo says, noting the specific challenges for women “to find affordable childcare” or “to have access to the skills they need to get a good job.”

These are parents who are attending meetings and in touch with SB members. Parents who *must* go to work & have worked out childcare, or maybe aren’t religiously paying attention, would be screwed over & over again if they relied on promises about in-person learning.

Cards are nice but they don’t replace six months paid family leave, universal childcare, extending the ADA to protect pregnant women and require employers to provide reasonable accommodation or expanding Medicaid to cover postpartum women for a year. #MothersDay 

Surely there are better ways to deploy the iron ore windfall than a $1.7 billion childcare package that will just result in operators lifting fees, fund managers say.

Doctors recently warned the risk of COVID in daycares is higher than it’s ever been, especially in hot spots. Public health units are currently reporting 1,174 active cases of COVID-19 linked to licensed child-care centres and home daycares. /5

From domestic chores to childcare, this work mostly falls on women & has only increased since the outbreak of the #COVID19  pandemic. Here’s how #FamiliesOfToday  can balance the load. 🚣 v @Unwomen  #GenerationEquality  #ActForEqual 

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If your "why is the birthrate decreasing" story doesn't talk about student debt, untenable childcare and healthcare costs, housing costs, patriarchy & the enduring unequal distribution of labor in the home it is not a good "why is the birthrate decreasing" story

What if maybe, just maybe, instead of passing a $740 billion defense budget, the Senate used funds to create jobs and build: -Affordable housing -Schools -Childcare facilities -Community health centers -Public hospitals -Libraries -Clean water facilities

We spend $740 billion on the Pentagon, but somehow we don't have enough money to provide health care, housing and childcare to all Americans. My amendment to cut the defense budget by 10% would begin to change our priorities. It will be voted on in the Senate the week of July 20.

Let's show our gratitude to our everyday heroes. They’re stepping up for all of us. So when you see them, thank them. I’ll start. Thank you to every: -Healthcare worker -Grocer -Pharmacist -Police officer -Firefighter -Public transit worker -Childcare worker And so many more.

Today, vote to save our NHS. Vote for a pay rise. Vote for free childcare. Vote for lower fares and bills. Vote for real change. Vote for Labour.

Grateful for the heroes who are stepping up for all of us. Thank you to every: -EMT -Nurse -Doctor -Store clerk -Police officer -Mental health worker -Firefighter -Transit worker -Childcare worker -Mail carrier -Takeout cook -Deliverer -Teacher And many, many more.

It’s time to save the NHS It’s time for a pay rise. It’s time for free childcare. It’s time for lower fares and bills. It’s time for real change.

JUST IN: Minnesota classifies grocery store employees as emergency workers, grants them free childcare

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People across our country work hard. You deserve fair wages, reliable transport, better leave, free childcare and proper social care when you retire. These are not “giveaways”. These are your rights.

You can vote for: ?Proper social care for our elderly ?Free education and childcare ?Justice for the 1950s women ?A well-funded NHS for all ?A pay rise and lower bills You deserve it, the billionaires and big business will pay for it. That’s our plan for real change.