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Dennis Chew Bought This BMW As A Birthday Gift For A Close Family Friend

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Lots of dogs competed in the Canine Cannonball during Dog Days at Osage Beach this past weekend. Many good doggos showed off their sporting abilities by competing for the highest jump, farthest jump and the speed it takes to fetch their favorite chew toy.

In keeping with our #WHRW2021  #ListenToYourHeart  theme, in this video, Elaine Chew performs piano etudes that are based on cardiac arrhythmias, from #AFib  to Wenckebach Block. Each etude is introduced by Prof Pier Lambiase. Watch here:

Jo Adell came here to chew bubblegum and blast home runs; and, sorry Triple-A pitchers, he's all out of bubblegum.

#NSTnation This is necessary to assist them to get back on their feet quicker and return stronger when the situation recovered, said STF president Tonny Chew. #tourism  #sabah  #STF 

The volcano's exciting and all, but the big bitcoin-green energy-inclusion opportunity in El Salvador lies in spreading economic development via solar microgrids. Something for @nayibbukele  @Square  @Blockstream  @jack  @adam3us  @elonmusk  to chew on.

#NSTnation The senior #journalist  from Sin Chew Daily’s bureau office was among 95 Kelantan#media  practitioners who received their first #Covid19  #vaccine  dose in the two-day programme. Happy Birthday, Siew Peng! #VaccineForMediaMY  #CucukMyPress  #NIP 

Private equity firms Coalition Capital Partners and Warburg Pincus have been shortlisted to buy Singaporean medical services provider Fullerton Healthcare in a deal that could be worth about $1 billion. via by Elffie Chew and Vi @BloombergDealsicy  Chan

Can’t wait for Bednar to chew out the #Avs  after this. That’ll learn them.

Why do we have to walk and chew gum at the same time? Can we sit and chew gum? Or walk without chewing? #nycmayoralrace 


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By taking on big tech companies at a time when it tries to pulverize critics online, the BJP may have bitten off more than it could chew. The timing of the government’s belligerence could not be worse. | @mkvenu1  and @maya206  write

Reporters can walk & chew gum. In these times, they must. We can ask about Pres Trump disbanding WH pandemic office in 2018, coronavirus testing being too slow & when outbreak might end. We can also ask about Asian Americans being attacked & offended by terms used by the WH.

Our @SecPompeo  of @StateDept  or whoever runs his account has tweeted 2 dozen times today about China and not one word about Putins arrest of Navalny. Looking forward to a new @JoeBiden  team that can walk and chew gum at the same time.

In this unprecedented moment, the new Democratic majority must show that we can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Yes. We must impeach Trump. Yes. We must process Biden's nominees. Yes. We must pass legislation that addresses the enormous crises facing working families.

The Chinese leader told Trump that he was going to set up concentration camps for millions of Muslims and Trump replied, “build the camps, it’s exactly the right thing to do.” Chew on that for a minute. Our president is PRO-concentration camp.

Here’s what we learned today: Trump found out Russia paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. He seriously considered asking them to stop. He decided to not ask them to stop. Chew on that for a sec.

CHEW ON THIS: Everybody you kill or hurt could be waiting for you in the afterlife, looking for THE BIG PAYBACK. God will give them the fade.

African-American boys account for 25% of school expulsions and 27% of school suspensions nationally. They are only 8% of the overall student population. Chew on that for a second.

Oh, hello, dull and unfunny cognitive peasant with a great big tar brush who envies successful conservative women! I know you'll watch every word I said about your attack on @PressSec  and chew on it like cud for weeks.

The PM calls the sports rorts scandal merely “the politics of canberra”, evoking the Coronavirus as where the focus should be. 1/ we can walk and chew gum at the same time, 2/ how disregarding of misuse of taxpayers money for partisan political gain. What a disgrace #auspol