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Last month Chevron, an American oil titan, unveiled a $10bn strategy for “new energy” that bets big on low-carbon hydrogen

US Marine veteran stops an armed robbery at the Chevron in Arizona

Chevron announced plans to power its oil-drilling equipment with solar panels and wind turbines.

The suspect entered a Chevron station armed and pointed the weapon at a cashier before being disarmed by another customer, officials said.

@reyaika  On the chevron malampaya'>Udenna-Chevron Malampaya buyout, Erguiza reiterates the DOE position that the sale only involved a transfer of shares. CONTEXT: Senate energy panel says DOE 'bent rules' to accommodate the sale. | via @reyaika 

@reyaika  Erguiza: The Chevron sale of stocks is different from the Shell sale of stocks. The sale contract with Shell, there's a provision there that needs to be approved by the DOE. Bago itong Shell, it's very explicit in the share sales agreement na kailangan approve ng DOE. | @reyaika 

Exxon, Chevron set to make up ground after trailing peers, analyst says via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 

Chevron and Orleans Sports Foundation gives student-athletes higher education opportunities

VIDEO: SUV drives through glass window of Chevron station at Westover Drive and Hardy Street in Hattiesburg.

Former Marine disarms robbery suspect at chevron'>Yuma Chevron station


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A SWIFT SOLDIER: The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona said a Marine Corps veteran disarmed a suspect with a handgun during a robbery at a Chevron gas station on Wednesday. Security footage showed the veteran, who was a customer inside, grabbing the suspect’s gun.

FYI: These seven companies have each donated over $100,000 to the cosponsors of Texas’ abortion ban: - AT&T: $291,042 - Charter Communications: $219,500 - Berkshire Hathaway: $128,550 - Exelon: $124,000 - UnitedHealth Group: $121,000 - Union Pacific: $109,000 - Chevron: $105,000

An utterly crushing day for Big Oil 1) Chevron investors demand emission cuts 2) Dutch court tells Shell to cut emissions by half 3) Exxon shareholders buck the company and elect directors demanding climate action. Thanks to all who fight--you push long enough and dominoes tumble

"It’s time to cut off the gas for Myanmar’s military coup leaders." In partnership with US multinational Chevron and France’s Total, the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) earns close to $500M annually from exports" to fund the killing of protesters.

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CHEVRON OIL SPILL: State emergency officials say a pipeline containing a mixture of oil and gasoline is leaking 5 gallons a minute into the San Francisco Bay. #oilspill 

San Francisco, Ca: Oh my god. There’s been a Chevron Oil spill. State emergency officials have reported a mixture of oil and gas is leaking 5 gallons a minute into the San Francisco Bay...

Mitch McConnell says $2,000 checks are "socialism for the rich." Ha! Here are the tax rebate checks corporations received from Trump's tax plan: Amazon: $129 million Delta: $187 million Chevron: $181 million GM: $104 million IBM: $342 million That's socialism for the rich!

Yes. Trump's not alone. Federal income taxes paid by corporations a year after his tax plan was signed into law: $0: Amazon $0: GM $0: Netflix $0: Chevron $0: FedEx $0: Eli Lilly $0: Starbucks Dr. King was right. We have socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the rest.

Remember: A year after Trump's tax plan was signed into law, 91 corporations paid nothing in federal incomes taxes after making billions in profits, including: Amazon Netflix General Motors Chevron FedEx Eli Lilly Starbucks Whirlpool Trump's tax plan was a giveaway to the rich.

250 pages. 37,500 words. Not a single damn mention of “climate change.” Trump’s NAFTA is a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. I voted NO because the future of our planet is more important than the short-term profits of Exxon Mobil and Chevron.