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Taku Sekine, a celebrity chef in Paris, committed suicide following accusations of sexual violence, his family said

Top Japanese chef killed himself after sexual assault allegations, family says

The family of a Japanesechef who was a rising star in France said he has killed himself after he was the target of false sexual assault allegations.

Chef Martin Wyss, who owned the legendary Swiss Inn in Niu Valley, was known for cooking elegant comfort foods that were affordable. Get the recipes:

Now open: Chef Andrew Walsh’s highly anticipated seafood restaurant Catfish

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Top Japanese chef killed himself after false sex claims, say family #jakpost 

A lawyer for a Boston steakhouse opened by the chef and social media star known as Salt Bae apologized Tuesday after the restaurant was shut down for violating coronavirus safety rules.

A private chef in Goodyear says his business has been booming during the pandemic.

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Newcastle chef makes sly dig at Boris in BBC interview with 'British tits' poster as North East lockdown starts


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Sew one button, doesn't make u a tailor; cook one meal, doesn't make u a chef; but f* one horse and u r a horsef*er for all of history...

A man was shot and killed in Louisville after law enforcement said they had to "return fire" at a crowd of people. He was identified by family members as David McAtee, a popular chef and BBQ joint owner who used to feed cops for free

If you didn't get the right A level results, don't worry. I got a C and 2 Us, and my chef is preparing truffles for breakfast.

Chef William Wongso is an Indonesian legend who has mastered over 200 varieties of Rendang. #Uncharted 

As fate would have it, my pizza-making class in Italy goes awry, so the chef saves me by turning it into a calzone.

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In the culinary justice system, taste-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Flavortown, the one dedicated detective who investigates bland food is the leader of an elite squad known as the chef unit'>Sketchy Chef Unit. These are Guy's stories. #DUNDUN  #TheLawsofFlavortown 

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BREAKING: Antonio Brown threatens to retire after Raiders team chef cuts his PB&J sandwich down the middle instead of diagonal

BREAKING: Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” is dead. The chef, storyteller and Emmy-winning host has committed suicide at age 61, CNN confirms

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