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Here are the 3-biggest differences between GPT-4 and ChatGPT 👇

I asked ChatGPT to help me plan a vacation. Here’s what happened next.

How podcasters use ChatGPT and other AI tools in their workflows — and what listeners think the rules should be

The more I prod and poke and ChatGPT, MidJourney / Stable Diffusion and all the rest, the more I think this is amazing for everything *except* general search

Duolingo shared more details on its latest subscription tier following a recent earnings call announcement that it would partner with ChatGPT makers OpenAI.

OpenAI released a much anticipated update to the technology that powers ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT? Experts are warning that thieves can use OpenAI artificial intelligence to create convincing online scams.

"Here's what's new: Jan 30 version update. We’ve upgraded the ChatGPT model with improved factuality and mathematical capabilities." My Conversation with Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT. #amreading  #AuthorsOfTwitter 

However, the new version of ChatGPT could have been a lot more contentious, the company admits and has instituted substantive new guardrails to prevent malicious answers.

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ChatGPT Plus subscribers can try it out now.


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JUST IN: ChatGPT creator OpenAI signs multi-year, multi-billion investment deal with Microsoft $MSFT.

here’s a pretty clear 1-minute articulation of what AI apps like ChatGPT is about to bring us. see y’all in hell.

ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI.

ChatGPT is coming soon to the Azure OpenAI Service, which is now generally available, as we help customers apply the world’s most advanced AI models to their own business imperatives.

ChatGPT to the mainstream media

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ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence search tool, has passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam.

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TECHNOLOGY: ChatGPT was able to pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam

Time it took to get 100 million users: Netflix: 10 years Gmail: 5 years Twitter: 5 years Facebook: 4.5 years WhatsApp: 3.5 years Instagram: 2.5 years TikTok: 9 months ChatGPT: 2 months Pirate Bay: 1 day after Netflix cancelled shared passwords and Gen-Z discovered torrents.

That’s because ChatGPT is not a far left cause. The New York Times should rename itself The Social Justice Times.

Lot of people stuck in a damn-that’s-crazy ChatGPT loop 🔁