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Tomorrow we launch our new daily St. Paul newsletter. Promise it won’t just be pics of all the St. Paul restaurants I eat at. Here’s the sign up: But look at my pics too, ha:

This newsletter was cooler than I thought Goldman was capable of.

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This goes to the point I laid out in my newsletter last week. Who gets the opportunity for “redemption” in our current culture? Why does Jeffrey Toobin? Why does Ralph Northam? Why doesn’t Chris Harrison, or Alexi McCammond?

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We chatted with newsletter authors @lkherman  and @polina_marinova  on the rise of newsletters, the impact they have on media distribution and what's next for the popular medium. Catch up on their insights here:

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Read the latest newsletter “How to Master Your Data and Prepare for the Future in Life Sciences” hosted by Gartner here:

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In today's DealBook newsletter: @andrewrsorkin  gets a rare look at a hedge fund mogul's tax returns -- and why his tax bill was so low; @SarahFKessler  on the wave of quitting; @el72champs  on the corporate transparency tug of war; and more


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If Israel eliminated Hamas, nothing fundamental would change. Because, fundamentally, Israel doesn't have a Hamas problem. It has a Palestinian problem. My latest newsletter

When the chief anchor of one of the major networks agrees that bothsidesing everything is bad practice, critics have finally won a point and they should celebrate. This is from @brianstelter 's newsletter.

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The fact Politico gave prime real estate to Ben Shapiro the day after he claimed *everyone* has zip tie restraints at home in an attempt to minimize the Capitol riots and it all being sponsored by the oil and gas lobby tells you more about DC than any newsletter scoop could.

@Microsoft  @HawleyMO6 . Why does a top @Microsoftexecutive  feel comfortable saying this kind of stuff out loud? Because corporations have been able to get away with it for so long But things are changing For updates and accountability journalism sign up for the newsletter

As Twitter attempts to silence my views and opinions, I invite you to follow me on Parler, and please subscribe to my free newsletter at Gingrich360.

NEW: Six former members of E-Bay's global security team have been charged by the FBI and federal prosecutors in Boston with cyberstalking to "stifle" the publishers of an online newsletter. They allegedly sent porn and tried to send a pig fetus to their house to harass them.

3. This isn't just about accountability. It's about drawing attention to the structural problems in the US response effort before things get worse. Why isn't the House holding hearings right now? More to come in my newsletter. Sign up ➡️

This is amazing. Fox's offices will be largely closed for another month *at the very least,* @brianstelter  reports in his newsletter. "It's strange to see Fox stars hosting from home...telling viewers that it's time to get back out," Stelter says. Reupping:

This "fact check" of Bernie Sanders' newsletter on Biden and Social Security is just flat out wrong in multiple ways, and I'll explain how

In his newsletter @brianstelter  says about Trump's visit to the CDC: "Most of the news coverage of the visit downplayed just how strange it was. And that's a problem— we need to describe reality." More than a problem. It's a failure. Here's an exception: