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The UK should lead a coalition of democracies to undermine China's soft power, says Charles Parton

Hong Kong's illusion of democracy has been shattered, says Charles Parton

Britain's values are under threat from the CCP, says Charles Parton

Engineering the soul of China - Xi’s revolution in values and education is a tool for totalitarianism by Charles Parton

Friends and relatives keep asking you to explain what's going on with the Uighurs? Here's a good up-to-date summary from @BBCRadio4  featuring @RianThum , @j_smithfinley , Charles Parton, and yours truly

China is accused of grossly violating the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang. @DAaronovitch  asks what's happening to the Uighurs on The Briefing Room podcast. Joining the conversation: @RianThum  @j_smithfinley  @joshchin  and Charles Parton@RUSI_org 

even-handed analysis by @Grepsul  & @Laura_K_Hughes  Critics argue the Cameron-era policy showed a misunderstanding of China’s assertive direction “It was called the golden era but I prefer to call it the golden error,” says Charles Parton, China expert

China's president believes freedom is another dangerous virus, says Charles Parton


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We no longer pay for technology solely with cash - we now hand over our private data as well, argues Charles Parton

Why we’ll regret the Huawei gamble excellent by Charles Parton, who from his long career knows of what he writes