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Chargé d’Affaires Matthew Lussenhop paid his respects to the prisoners who died in Nazi concentration camps during #WWII  at the National Memorial commemoration ceremony. Photos © Malek Azoug#LestWeForget  #USinBE 

Yesterday, Chargé Lussenhop took part in the special ceremony hosted by in honor of the end of w/ HRH King#WWIPhilippe  & Gov General Cosgrove of Australia. Check out a few of our pictures. More on our Flickr page soon! #LestWeForget  #waterfront  #gonewest 

Paying my respects to all those who died with a message of hope written on a boat that will then be walked out to sea -- Chargé d’Affaires Lussenhop#WWI  #LestWeForget  #USinBE  #waterfront  #gonewest  2/2

Chargé d’Affaires Lussenhop participates in the special ceremony hosted by the in honor of the end of w/ HRH King#WWIPhilippe  of the Belgians & Governor General Cosgrove of Australia. 1/2 #LestWeForget  #USinBE  #waterfront  #gonewest 

"US & Belgium have an enduring partnership built on a shared history of sacrifice & respect, this partnership will continue to endure the tests of time." Celebrating the 242nd anniversary of the independence of the US, Chargé Lussenhop welcomes #July4inBE  reception guests #USinBE 

"But we can build on their legacy by dedicating ourselves to peace & intl cooperation – & the #Belgium-US  relationship – that ensured a #Europe  whole, free & at peace for nearly 75 yrs will remain safe & secure for generations to come." Chargé Lussenhop#MemorialDay  #Heverlee  2/2

"We are here for all those buried here who answered the call to serve and never returned home. We owe them all a tremendous debt of gratitude that we can never repay.” Chargé Lussenhop at #Heverlee  War Cemetery. #MemorialDay  #HonorThem  ½

"Everyone here today – from the youngest children in the audience to our honored veterans & active duty service members – help keep the memory alive & ensure that the men & women who fought & died for our freedom will never be forgotten.” - Chargé Lussenhop#MemorialDay  #WWI 

Chargé Lussenhop: “I have no doubt that if these soldiers, who surround us as eternal sentinels of liberty, would still be with us today that they would be proud.” #MemorialDay  #HenriChapelle  #HonorThem  #WWII 

Chargé Lussenhop: "The challenges that we face in the world today – from terrorism to blatant incursions on sovereign nations – are a troubling reminder of the importance of our alliance with Europe." #MemorialDay  #HenriChapelle  #HonorThem  #WWII 


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"If someone asks you why we do this, why we are here today, The answer is clear: Look around you. We are here for them." Chargé Lussenhop paying his respects to the fallen American soldiers at #Ardennes  American Cemetery. #MemorialDay  #HonorThem  #WWII 

"In the United States, as it is here, Memorial Day it is an important day to tell the stories of those who came before us." Chargé Lussenhop was honored to attend #MemorialDay  at #HenriChapelle  US cemetery where 7992 Americans lie. #HonorThem  #WWII 

“Belgium is one of very few countries that shares with the United States a common history – and collective tragedy – that serves as the bedrock of our modern day relationship.”- Chargé Lussenhop#Ardennes  American Cemetery#MemorialDay  #HonorThem  #WWII 

“You will be wonderful ambassadors for #TADA . Thanks to you, more young people will be motivated to take up a positive role in society.” Chargé Lussenhop welcomed future #TADAAmbassadorsAmbassadors  to a 2-day “Ambassador’s Training" to learn about the skills needed to be a good diplomat.

Chargé Lussenhop visits #SABCA  in Charleroi, learns more about 40+ years of close US-Belgian aerospace cooperation at this internationally renowned firm that supports 9 F-16 customers worldwide. #USinBE 

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We hosted a reception for longtime allies & key partners in honor of 4 decades of air #defensecooperation  & to highlight the successes of the past & focused on the future as Belgium pursues F16 replacement. Read Chargé Lussenhop's remarks #F35  #USinBE 

On this 73rd anniversary of the #BattleoftheBulge , Chargé d’Affaires Matthew Lussenhop toured the battlefield sites near #Bastogne  today. He remembered the sacrifices made during the battle and the terrible weather conditions of Winter 45. #WWII  #USinBE 

Pleased to welcome Secretary Tillerson to Brussels together with Kay Bailey Hutchison and Chargé d'Affaires Matthew Lussenhop at the airport last night

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