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basically @jacobkasher  sent me a video of himself singing chandelier by sia. at the dentist. on laughing gas. you guys. it changed my life

@Sia  recreated her video for "Chandelier" live on my show. This. Was. Amazing.

@janice_freeman  is performing “Chandelier“ by @Sia  for tonight’s Last Chance performance. #VoiceResults 

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The only thing more fun than dressing as @Sia  for Halloween is watching @HeidiKlum  dance around to “Chandelier."

What do they say at the Grammys when a performance of "Chandelier" is up next? Sia soon. #ClassicJokeFriday 

Ok my jaw is completely dropped at how good this @Sia  "chandelier" video is. That girl Maddie is beyond talented. Best video ever

Happy birthday, @Sia ! I’m swinging from the chandelier in your honor. Also because I kicked over the ladder while I was dusting.