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Suicide could strike any family and I truly believe that if suicide awareness training became mainstream, more of us could spot warning signs and save lives. Thanks to @RacingTV  for the chance to talk about Rose and @RPatersonTrust  launch 10 Apr. Intrvw: ‘

Radiotherapy can destroy cervical cancer cells and save lives, but many women don't have fair access to this treatment. Share this video to show your support for giving all cervical cancer patients a fair chance.

You might not get the chance to save the lives of others while you’re alive, writes Adam Larson. But you do have the chance to make a simple decision while you’re still with us that can help others live longer after you’re gone:

extraordinary. Republic of Ireland official cites the "precautionary principle" as a reason for not doing something that will definitely save lots of lives, because there is a tiny* chance it might hurt a small number of people *as in technically not zero

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The web is a powerful tool to fight against Covid-19, connecting us to the information we need when we need it. We must fight against viral misinformation online to give us the best possible chance to defeat the virus and save lives.

500,000 Americans lost. Half a million lives ended & countless more changed forever. It didn’t have to be this way, and we still have a chance to save a lot of lives. We need bold, swift action to beat this crisis. Let’s get it done.

We need to support children affected by #cancer  & their families. Investment in #ChildhoodCancer  services can save the lives of thousands of children around the 🌎🌍🌏 Let's give 🧒👦👧 a better chance at life! 👉

“Such actions offer the best chance to save lives, rebuild economies, double down on climate action, & make up for the lost time largely squandered this past yr by the United States & int’l community” — @HardinLang1  & @RichardPonzio  in @just_security 


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#Onthisday 1955: Sir Alexander Fleming described how he discovered penicillin by chance and discussed his hopes for future breakthroughs. Two months after he showed Panorama viewers his original cultivation that went on to save many millions of lives, he died at the age of 73.

Leaving the Capitol as a light mist falls. What we just passed isn’t perfect. Far from it. But it will save a lot of lives. It will give us a chance to turn the corner. And as I depart, I’m deeply thankful to the people of Connecticut that I get to do this job.

Mindless opposition to GM crops exposes the misanthropy & anti-intellectualism of legacy greenism. The strange case of Golden Rice, which at last may be given the chance to save the lives of 100,000s of children - Quillette via @QuilletteM 

My big brother Tom may have discovered a treatment that'll save a lot of lives! It might help Covid-19 patients. It's had successful safety trials, but FDA rules mean it won’t have a chance to be approved for … I don’t know. Probably years. It’s frustrating:

2/ I'm told African-Americans comprise only 4% of donors -- so Juwan’s chance of finding a suitable match is only 23% as compared to 77% for whites. Potential donors can text JUWAN to 61474 and send in a cheek swab to potentially save lives.

I wanted to congratulate @SecPompeo  and my friend @VP  Mike Pence on helping to broker a ceasefire in #Syria . This agreement will give peace a chance and will encourage Turkey to arrive to a diplomatic solution, which will save a massive amount of lives.

“We will work to save the lives of unborn children, so they have a chance to live and to love, to thrive and to dream, and to bless our nation and reach their full and glorious potential.” -

The @ICRC  has issued a "plea to all sides to spare human life in eastern Aleppo," warning "this may be the last chance to save lives" #Syria 

#ConMan is giving Charitywater the best perk. Join @alan_tudyk  and I at a con, save some lives. only $10 a chance!