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Golden years later in life, or social inequalities? Hear Prof. Deborah Carr of @BU_Tweets  cast a spotlight on inequalities facing older persons & ways to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to age with dignity & respect. Tune in at 10 am EDT today 👉

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The TaxProf: Fox: Does Capital Bear The U.S. Corporate Tax After All?: Edward G. Fox (Michigan), Does Capital Bear the U.S. Corporate Tax After All? New Evidence from Corporate Tax Returns, 17… > @SoCalTaxProf  #Tax  #Policy  #Law 

#RILAGM | "Reliance's 'Mission#Vaccine  Suraksha' is one of the largest corporate vaccine drives across the country", says Nita Mukesh Ambani, Founder Chairperson, @ril_foundation . (6/N)

About half of COVID-19 cases in Bukit Merah View market cluster not vaccinated: Assoc Prof Mak

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"I'm very confident in the decision they [the NSW Government] have made." - Prof. Greg Dore, @KirbyInstitute , @UNSW . #abc730 

Reliance Mission Vaccine Suraksha was our most critical mission of mass vaccination. We set up 116 centres in 109 cities across the country : Nita Ambani, Chairperson Reliance Foundation#RILAGM  #RelianceAGM 

#RILAGM | Under RIL’s 'Mission Employee Care', we made sure that no jobs, salaries or bonuses were cut due to COVID, says Nita Mukesh Ambani, Founder Chairperson, @ril_foundation . Adds that they will continue to pay salaries to families of the deceased for the next 5 years. (5/N)


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Just learned that my physics prof from Penn is head of Fermilab & still has some of my old homework ☺️

Johns Hopkins Prof: “There is more data on natural immunity than there is on vaccinated immunity, because natural immunity has been around longer.  We are not seeing reinfections, and when they do happen, they’re rare...”

Icahn School of Medicine Prof: “the findings . . . suggest that [COVID] infection and the development of antibody response provides protection similar to or even better than current used SARS COV-2 vaccines.”

For centuries, the great land of Bihar has been teaching us the values of democracy. In line with that wonderful ethos, MP from Bihar and Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson Shri Harivansh Ji’s inspiring and statesman like conduct this morning will make every democracy lover proud.

BREAKING: SAGE member Prof John Edmunds says the failure of UK government to lockdown earlier cost ‘a lot of lives’. Full quote: ‘We should have gone into lockdown earlier... I think that cost a lot of lives unfortunately.’ #Marr 

SAGE adviser Prof John Edmunds told a science media briefing 8k new infections a day (as calculated by ONS) was “a very high incidence” level - “many of us would prefer to see incidence down to lower levels before we relax measures - lifting the lockdown is a political decision”

I respect & trust Prof Van-Tam more than anyone else who stands at that podium. Gives it to us straight in firm clear language we can understand, & he's his own man. He says UK's at a 'very dangerous moment' right now with the virus. I strongly suggest we heed his warning.

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Scuffles broke out between pro-democracy and pro-Beijing lawmakers in Hong Kong’s legislature as they scrambled to physically take control of the chairperson’s seat for a key legislative committee

BBC announcement: - Sir David Attenborough to educate pupils as part of the new BBC education offering, which starts tomorrow morning. - He is set to help explain topics like oceans and animals. - Prof Brian Cox will also teach science, such as the solar system.

Tonight I was assaulted thrice. 1st: APX 9:30 pm. while speaking to JNU teachers, a police inspector (no nameplate) dragged me and ABVP/RSS group (incl Prof Mishra, Sanskrit Dept) pushed me,pulled my muffler. I fell down, minor injury. Police contd to push me out after I got up.