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Sensex Up 250 Points In Early Trade; Nifty Climbs Above 11,200: Indian shares opened higher on Wednesday, tracking overnight gains in the U.S. and European markets after Fed Chair Jerome Powell said the U.S. central bank is committed to helping… RTT

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Jerome Powell, the Fed chair, projected optimism about the economy on Tuesday. But Powell told lawmakers that gains were predicated on jobless benefits and stimulus checks — economic support that has largely run out.

Australian Market Rises: The Australian stock market is rising on Wednesday after four straight days of losses following the tech-led rebound overnight on Wall Street and as U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank remains… RTT

"The downturn has not fallen equally on all Americans." chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell said the U.S. economy has a long way to go before fully recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and will need further support

Fed Chair Powell to Hse Cmte: A full recovery is likely to come only when people are confident that it is safe to reengage in a broad range of activities. The path forward will depend on keeping the virus under control, and on policy actions taken at all levels of government.

"The path ahead continues to be highly uncertain." Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers today that Congress needs to act on coronavirus aid. @JessiTurnure  reports from our #NexstarDC  bureau:

Evans’s comments pointed to questions left unresolved by the guidance Fed Chair Jerome Powell and his colleagues issued last week at the conclusion of their latest policy meeting.

Bullard’s view contrasts with Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who has urged additional fiscal aid and sometimes put the message in dire terms, as well as other Fed officials

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell came under fire by Democratic lawmakers on his response to the pandemic to help local governments struggling with serious fiscal challenges related to the public health crisis.

Highlight: “Chair Powell and I both agree with you that the commercial real estate market has an issue,” Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says. “There are structural problems.” More:


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Why bother with any taxes at all if Chair Powell is correct that there is no limit to expanding the Fed’s balance sheet? Implicit in his declaration is that the whole tax collection system is a royal waste of resources.

Economists are warning inaction could worsen the economic crisis into another Great Depression Without action—Fed Chair Powell said we risk a prolonged recession with unemployment reaching 20% or even 25% Yet Sen. McConnell said GOP still wants a pause What planet are they on?

Fed Chair Jerome Powell just said: Almost 40% of households earning less than $40,000 a year as of February lost their jobs in March. Just let that number sit with you for a moment.

I’m about to ask Secretary Mnuchin and Fed Chair Powell if they are using their authority to make bailed out companies keep workers on payroll, and holding their executives personally liable if they misuse those funds. Tune in now.

Wow. chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell just said: "Almost 40% of those in households making less than $40,000 a year lost a job in March." This is according to a Fed survey coming out tomorrow. It measures the pain among people who were working in January & February.

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The coronavirus bill didn’t do enough to stop corporate bailouts, but Treasury Sec. Mnuchin & chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell have vast power to decide how to hand out this money. I sent a detailed list of principles that would protect workers & root out corruption.

The Great Charles Payne@cvpayne  correctly stated that Fed Chair Jay Powell made TWO enormous mistakes. 1. When he said “mid cycle adjustment.” 2. We’re data dependent. “He did not do the right thing.” I agree (to put it mildly!). @Varneyco 

in explaining rate cuts, chair powell'>Fed Chair Powell cites weak manufacturing and business investment data these are things Trump and Republican lawmakers said the 2017 tax-cut was going to jump-start

Big banks are required to take annual stress tests to make sure they aren’t at risk of crashing our economy again. Today, I asked Chair Powell why the Fed looked the other way when 3 banks failed the test:

Hearing financial experts and journalist cheering the notion Fed Chair Jay Powell will do the exact opposite President Trump wants. So, the Fed should derail the economy out of spite? Would be shocked if hadn't seen so many rooting for China in the trade war they started.