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Bent out of shape that his cross country “awards party” featured no actual awards, Max sarcastically elevated his participation certificate. “It’s on regular paper. They didn’t even use card stock.”

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Washington state is holding $32 million in unclaimed gift cards and gift certificates, representing 173,000 gift card and gift certificate buyers who likely gave the cards to someone else.

Bereaved mum in birth certificate law change bid

Many state and local retirement systems publish comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs), in compliance with the Government Finance Officers Association's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program. d

$50 gift certificate giveaway planned to boost downtown shopping

Some clubs have been able to serve alcohol because of the wording of their premises certificate

@michelle_d_ong  #MarketEdgeReyes : Neutral anolyte got certificate of notification from FDA allowing it to be sold locally, without guarantee; we are working on randomized control research now- then to be peer reviewed, hopefully elevated into drug in the future | via @michelle_d_ong 

Sembcorp, SP to create platform with renewable energy certificate marketplace

Egyptian Cabinet’s #IDSC  awarded “Committed to Excellencecertificate, first country in #Africa  to obtain

Students will work alongside industry experts to gain skills and relationships that may translate into career opportunities following completion of an associate degree or certificate program. #NC10  #AmarilloCollege  #Education 


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“Man comes out of a single parent home, educates himself and rises up and becomes the President of the United States, and you ask him for his birth certificate, because you can’t take your knee off our neck.” Al Sharpton delivers the eulogy at the memorial for George Floyd.

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Miller's grandmother died of COVID-19. And his uncle blames the Trump administration. Meanwhile, the White House denies she died of COVID.'s on the death certificate.

An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama 's birth certificate is a fraud.

I have never seen Trumps original birth certificate. I know his mom was born in Scottland. People seem to be wondering where he was really born. I guess the question needs to be asked because he seldom tells the truth.

How amazing, the State Health Director who verified copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” died in plane crash today. All others lived

Buddhu’s Cambridge Certificate says his name is Raul Vinci and he read MPhil and failed in National Economic Planning & Policy

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To every news anchor and commentator who discovered yesterday that Trump is a racist, please explain why you didn’t say that 6 years ago when he was lying about the Obama birth certificate. I called him a racist pathological liar then. You kept booking him for more interviews.

It's a deal mate ✔ I don't let you down. 👍🏼😉 Now it's your turn. I want to see the birth certificate of your kid in July 👶🏼📄😁

1/ He has a birth certificate and a Social Security number. But ICE has detained this U.S. citizen for three weeks.

So lemme get this str8.... You paying $45K a semester for 4yrs to get a certificate for a job that pays you $40K a year? ? This is a bad plan.