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For many children in Ghana, cerebral palsy can mean a lifetime of exclusion, particularly from sports. But one club in the country is trying to change all that.

An MP with cerebral palsy says he is regularly receives messages accusing him of being drunk after he speaks in parliament Paul Maynard, the MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys, is calling for better understanding of the condition

Blackpool MP Paul Maynard who has cerebral palsy says he's regularly 'mocked and accused of being drunk' after he speaks in Parliament.

Mental health startup Cerebral shared private patient data with Google, Meta and TikTok

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Drew Davis, a St. Louis teen who has cerebral palsy, has sold 17,000 bottles of Crippling Hot Sauce in just 7 months. Read more about his success story.

Playing an instrument is hard to do. For music lovers with cerebral palsy and other muscle-affecting conditions, it’s next to impossible. Israel's Arcana Strum is here to change that. Report by @ZachyHennessey  | #Israel  | #Music 

Cerebral, a California-based firm that connects people suffering from anxiety and depression with mental health professionals via video calls, said it discovered the "inadvertent" data exposure.

US-based telehealth startup Cerebral has disclosed that it shared the private health information, including mental health assessments, of more than 3.1 mn patients in country

Mark Barroca currently has 541 consecutive appearances since being taken first overall by the Purefoods franchise in the 2011 draft. His durability has been widely praised, and the cerebral playmaker is not about to slowing down. READ:

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Stu Cowan: Canadiens laud St. Louis's cerebral approach to coaching


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"I'm destined for something great" 18-year-old Nigerian Ahmed Salami always dreamed of stardom. He was born with autism, cerebral palsy and ADHD. He posts weekly videos on YouTube to share his personal journey and inspire others.

YOU GO BABY GIRL! A single mom in North Carolina taught her young daughter Kinley, who has cerebral palsy, to walk without using her walker. This is what one year of determination looks like. ?? HER STORY:

PURE JOY: 4-year-old Maya, who has cerebral palsy, takes her first steps on her own. Her glee will melt your heart. "I'm walking!"

This is Maya. She has cerebral palsy and this video shows her three years ago. And then it shows her now. Perseverance. That smile. I’m here for all of it. ?❤️

This 3 year old little girl with Cerebral palsy is walking without her walker for the first time ever - and her classmates are cheering her on. This is the Twitter content I’m here for.?❤️

This beautiful and brave little girl with cerebral palsy is walking up the stairs by herself for the very first time. That smile.?❤️?

One year ago, this athlete with cerebral palsy deadlifted 200 pounds ? Absolutely incredible. (via smiles_taylor/Instagram)

Watch as this little girl takes her first steps after having spent almost half of her life in physical therapy due to her cerebral palsy

This young man with Cerebral Palsy is skateboarding for the first time with a little ingenuity and a lot of his mother’s love. This is the Twitter content I’m here for...?????

@JJWatt 's got respect for this deadlifter with cerebral palsy lifting twice his own bodyweight ?