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China has noted Indo-Pacific initiative proposed by India. We support ASEAN centrality in regionl architecture, says @MFA_China  in response to @PBSC_Beijing  questn for China’s views on Indo-Pacific Oceans initiative by India which is complimentary to ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific

"We need to question both the centrality of tech companies in relation to the state provision of services and benefits, and the ability of the companies’ technologies to serve vulnerable communities in ways that don’t further unjustly criminalize them."

“Biden speaks of the centrality of human rights across his #China  policy, yet other…officials, like climate czar John Kerry, continues to suggest that human rights are “not my lane”; a position no one from the White House challenges...” @SophieHRW 

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“A key focus of our meetings was the centrality of women to the climate crisis," Nancy Pelosi announced at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

The meeting, where Prime Minister@narendramodi  joined the NSAs, gave a boost to India's centrality in the #Afghan  process and symbolized the priority #NewDelhi  attaches to Afghan and Central Asian affairs | @mannegi1 

The risk for Beijing is in overestimating its ability to engineer outcomes in the economy, given Evergrande’s size and real estate's centrality in China’s economy. Home sales have fallen sharply as buyers question developers' ability to stay afloat.

#RCEP could ultimately facilitate collective Asian leadership, #ASEAN  centrality, strengthen ASEAN institutional ecosystem and its dealings with U. S. ,Europe: Australian economist Peter Drysdale

Centrality of horses to Travellers’ culture must be acknowledged in housing policy - EU

#Podcast The centrality of horses to Travellers’ culture “has to be acknowledged” in housing policy. That’s the warning from , @MichaelCJTwho  says authorities should accommodate travellers with somewhere to stable a horse. @mattcarthyoined . #ICYMI 

Bypolls, the silly season of #Indian  politics, re-affirm #NarendraModi ’s centrality for the @BJP4India  @DilliDurAst  argues in @gulf_news 


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Participated in the 16th East Asia Summit hosted by Brunei through video conference. Re-affirmed India’s focus on a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific and the principle of ASEAN Centrality in the region. @ASEAN  @Asean2021_BN 

That's why they have focused on perverting and undermining them via voter suppression, gerrymandering, campaign finance laws that give the rich more power, and packing the courts. And it is time those who seek to preserve the country recognize the centrality of all these areas.

At the core of this battle is preserving the mechanisms by which the views of the majority are expressed--voting and the processes within our government institutions. The opponents of democracy recognize the centrality of these mechanisms.

This is an absolutely brilliant primer on the centrality of the USD to the global financial system. Maybe the best thing out there at this length and online for explaining how everything works. (HT @Brad_Setser )

Myanmar's coup highlights the limits of Western power in a new age of Asian geopolitical centrality that is strengthening Russia and China. @jagowriter 

It's rare we look to Singapore to play a positive role in promoting human rights, but given the centrality of the city-state as a financial center used by Myanmar's murderous junta, the question is whether Singapore can avoid complicity in its atrocities.

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"Whatever the start date of Trump’s second term, his centrality to this movement will persist...this muscular movement of American nationalism will thrive for decades, forging a country of sovereignty, economic protection, and the diffusion of power"

In India, we recognise the centrality of gender equality and women's empowerment in all aspects of our developmental agenda: Union Minister for Women & Child Development Smriti Irani at the United Nations#UNGA 

Society is enriched by the dialogue between science and faith, which opens up new horizons for thought. The light of faith needs to enlighten scientific advances so that they respect the centrality of the human person. #WorldScienceDay 

#WATCH In India,we recognise centrality of gender equality & women's empowerment in all aspects of our developmental agenda...We've moved from paradigm of women’s development to women-led development:Union Min Smriti Irani at UN meeting on 25th yr of 4th World Conference on Women