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An accurate Census count is critical to ensuring our communities receive the funding and representation they need and deserve. Spread the word and get counted:

The Census Bureau hasn’t offered a clear explanation for its decision to bring an early end to the decennial enumeration of the nation’s population, but the reason is clear enough: The Trump administration doesn’t want a complete count

The people the 2020 census count is likely to miss are the people we can least afford to overlook, writes @stribrooks  —low-income families who could use some help, immigrants, new babies and more. But there’s still time to make sure everyone counts.

the Census Bureau is losing workers to pandemic fears, complicating the bureau's efforts to reach the hardest to count communities, including minorities and immigrants

The US Census Bureau says it is ending its count one month early. Experts say this could become a 10-year mistake that skews the balance of power in the country for years to come.

It's just a technical memo asking for better ways to count the country's undocumented residents. But inside the Census Bureau, some see the start of an effort to skew next year's divvying up of seats in the House of Representatives.

The US Census Bureau says it is ending its count one month early. Experts say this could become a 10-year mistake that skews the balance of power in the country for years to come.

With US Census response timeline cut short, officials rush to count residents

There are over 60 million people in the U.S. who remain uncounted. The U.S. Census MUST accurately count everyone. We can’t tolerate political interference of any kind.


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An accurate Census count is the cornerstone of representation—who gets power and money—in our democracy. It is mandated in the Constitution. These last-minute changes to its administration are an outrage.

“This is more nefarious than people realize,” Stacey Abrams says of the census count finishing early. “Do not let them end the census early. Make them do their jobs so we have an accurate census and an accurate count of America.”

BREAKING: President Trump has signed an Executive Order Banning Illegal Immigrants from 2020 Census count for the purpose of Congressional representation.

It is flagrantly unconstitutional to exclude people from the Census count based on their immigration status. The Constitution requires that every person be counted. This is another attempt by Trump to use scaremongering against immigrants & rig the system.

This is unconstitutional. The Constitution requires that the Census count EVERYONE in the United States.

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Recent court decisions make it clear that the change we need to restore our democracy has to come from the ground up. @allontheline ’s work to ensure an accurate census count and achieve fair maps in 2021 has never been more important. Join us today:

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This move would cost California billions in federal funds and hinder a full and accurate count of the U.S. population. We can’t let this Administration weaponize the census.

Adding a citizenship question to the Census would undoubtedly lead Latino and other residents to avoid responding. The resulting count would be inaccurate, unfair, and unrepresentative—a failure of democracy with real consequences for states and communities.

Hilarious that the left wants to count non-citizens in the US Census—what transparent frauds these people are

The census must count every person. Our Constitution demands it. Our democracy requires it. is jeopardizing its accuracy by adding an unnecessary citizenship question. I stand with former Census directors from both parties in opposing this terrible decision.